From Farm to Fame- Chapter 3

The envelope had been opened already, I didn't remember leaving anything in the truck, so I figured it belonged to who ever had broken into it. I pulled out a letter from inside, maybe I could get a name or something from it, something to help me find out who did this. As I unfolded the letter I realized who it was for, it was in my dads very recognizable sloppy writting, it was for me.


I know I've always seemed strict and unloving, like I care more about the farm then I do you. I'm sorry if that has had anything to do with how miserable you've been, I've never meant to make you feel miserable or unloved. I love you, even though you're all grown up I still think of you as my baby girl, I always will. I only ever pushed you so hard because I know how much potential you have. You are incredibly intellegent, you get that from your mother. I wanted to leave for the city on my 18th birthday too, you get that from me, that's how I knew you were going to leave. I just knew that I wasn't smart enough to make it in a fancy city job, but you will do great at anything you try. I'm hoping I have guessed right, and that you are seeking a future in Bridgeport. One of the guys in town has a buddy in bridgeport, I was able to get him to find apartment for you, and your first 3 months of rent are taken care of. I hope it is ok, I don't know much about it. I just want to help you get started in the city. I have also included an extra hundred dollars  to do with as you please. Happy Birthday Rachelle, I'm sorry I can't celebrate it with you.


My dad had never said he loved me before, a couple times it seemed like he was going to and just couldn't get the words out, but I always knew that he meant it. I was surprised, I'd been laughing at myself for not noticing the letter sooner...would have save me 2 weeks on the mean streets of Bridgeport, but as what I read sank in I had started to cry again. Not of fear and anger; but of happiness, shock, and a bit of sadness because it made me miss my family even more. I have no idea how I had missed it before, but whoever broke into my truck had obviously wanted the money, I guess they dropped it as they left because the money was still there.

After I got over all of the shock and calmed down a bit, I wiped all the glass out of the truck onto the ground, and drove to the nearest gas station. I'd barely had enough gas to get there, and I still couldn't really afford more, but I wanted to get my truck to my apartment where I could find a safer parking spot.  The apartment was far nicer then I had been expecting, I had to wonder how my dad could afford 3 months rent on it. The decor was horrible but it was a nice size and I figured it would look really nice after a bit of remodeling. Hopefully I could find a job in the next 2 months or so.

I'd noticed a small garden out front when I was heading into the building, the plants were all dying, so I went back down to water them. At least it was only a few plants, but I felt as if I'd come out to the city for nothing... I could water plants back at the farm. I couple of the plants were ready to harvest as well, so I took what I could. It was obvious nobody else was going to and I could use the food.
Every morning I would get up, water the garden, and take whatever was ready. Then I would go get cleaned up and go out looking for a job. I wasn't going to give up until I found something, no matter how impossible it seemed. One morning I was watering the garden and I heard somebody yell from behind me.

"Young lady!"

I wondered if I was in trouble, I turned around expecting to be yelled at, there was some elderly lady but she looked rather sweet and didn't seem to be mad at all.

"You must be the one who has brought life back to this little garden. I walk past it almost everyday, and the plants always looked like they were dying, but recently they've been looking so much healthier. You are doing a wonderful job. I was wondering if you might be willing to help me out. You see I have a garden myself and normally my grandson takes care of it for me, but he has been away for several months and won't be back for several more. I can't do much but water the plants, so weeds have taken over the garden, and the plants just aren't as nice as they used to be. I was wondering if you might be able to look after it for me, just until my grandson returns home. I would pay you of course, I don't know what a fair wage is, but I'm sure we could work something out."

I didn't know why I had agreed to help her but I did. It wasn't that I needed the money, or that she asked so nicely... those didn't make up for the fact that I was doing exactly what I was trying to run from, but something inside me told me that something very important would come out of it. What would really come of it, I didn't know, but I needed to take a chance.