From Farm to Fame- Chapter 4

I didn't really expect Rose's garden to be so large, her whole house was massive. I'm pretty sure my whole apartment would fit inside of her guest house. I hoped one day I could afford a house like hers. It was beautiful. We had agreed upon a 35 simoleon an hour wage, it was the standard wage for a part time job in Bridgeport. I figured I'd end up working more than part time hours, but I wasn't in a position to complain how much I was earning, though if I'd realized the size before I might have asked for more.

I was right, it was more like a full time job, I spent all day every day in the garden. I had to travel and hour each way, and still tend the garden in front of the apartment. When I got home each day I just wanted to relax, but it seemed like something broke every day, and I spent the evening on the phone arguing with my landlord about getting it fixed.  I really wished I hadn't left the farm, life was so much easier.

One day rose confronted me.

"Rachelle, you look so tired dear. Don't overwork yourself, you can leave early if it's too much, I'll understand. Are you just not sleeping at home? You need to sleep dear, you have to look after yourself. Is it because you are unwell? You have to tell me these things dear, I don't want to make you work if you're sick."

"Oh no, no. I'm fine. It's just... my landlord...he's being difficult. Something is always breaking in my apartment, and I spent hours trying to it fixed, but he won't help me... at all. I always end up fixing it myself. I spend more time fixing things and arguing with him then I do sleeping."

"Well, you aren't going to put up with that anymore! You should have put up with it at all"

"What am I supposed to do? I don't want to wake up to a flooded apartment or something."

"You come stay here, that's what you do. You can stay in the guest house, you aren't putting up with that, you need to stand up for yourself missy!"

I could tell by the tone in her voice that it would be no use arguing with her about it. I didn't really want to move into her guest house. It was nice, and Rose had become like family, but I wanted to handle things on my own. It was sweet that  she cared so much though, it was one of the reasons she had become like family. She made being away from my actual family a lot less painful, and it would be nice to have her company... I got the feeing she need mine just as much.

It cut down on the travel time as well which was very nice, the more I adjusted to living in her guest house the more I liked it. I'd eat meals in the main house with Rose, and we'd talk. She told me stories from her past, all the things she had seen and done, she had traveled a lot so most of her stories were about foreign places. She talked about her grandson a lot also, his mom had died shortly after giving birth to him, her health had always been very poor and it was a miracle she lived long enough to have him. His dad, Rose's son, had neglected himself after his wifes death, and nobody noticed just how bad he was doing until it was too late. So her grandson was more like her son because she ended up raising him. He was in his first year of university, and that was why he was away. He was studying to be a doctor, he didn't want anybody else to grow up not knowing their parents because they died, Rose was extremely proud of him.

It made more sense why she had created so much of a fuss over me, and why we were so close. I wasn't just filling in tending the garden for her grandson, I was filling in as somebody to talk to and look after, she didn't have anybody left while he was away.