From Farm to Fame- Chapter 5

It was finally spring, though the weather in Bridgeport seemed to be spring-like even in the winter, I knew the official start of spring meant more time in the garden. . I enjoyed denial in the mornings however, and tryed to eat breakfast and shower without worrying about what was ahead. Rose never bothered me in the guest house, which as much as I loved her company I really enjoyed, I still ate breakfast with her in the main house anyway.

One morning I had gone strutting out of the bathroom in nothing but my towel, somebody was standing by the front door. It wasn't rose, I hadn't been wrong to assume that she wouldn't bug me in the guest house, it was some guy I didn't know. I screamed and ran back into the bathroom slamming the door behind me. I was so embarasssed, even if they had just walked right into the guest house with out knocking or anything, which was very rude, it didn't change the fact that I had nothing on but a towel that didn't cover much.

After I heard them leave I went back out and got something more appropriate out of the dresser, before heading over to the main house to check up on Rose before hopefully sitting down to breakfast. I decided if they hadn't tryed to get in the main house I was well I wasn't going to tell her. I didn't want to worry her. I noticed however, that they were in the garden. It seemed weird, though I didn't mind somebody else doing my work for me. I just tried to walk past and ignore them, it seemed to awkward to confront them after what happened, I thought I might tell Rose after all, since they hadn't left. They stopped me before I could get into the main house.

"I'm terribly sorry for barging in on you. You must be Rachelle, my grandmother has told me about you and how you are so kindly taking over for me. I'm Gaige, Rose's grandson. I'm not used to anybody else staying in the guest house, and it seems to have slipped my grandmothers mind to tell me. Though I didn't tell her either that I was coming back home, it's spring break and I wanted to surprise her, I figured she'd be lonely."

That's when he leaned in close and whispered in my ear "I, however, didn't mind walking into see such a pretty lady. I just hope that the pretty lady will forgive me."

I blushed and stuttered trying to say something, before giving up and walking over to the main house. I was even more embarassed, but also very flattered that Gaige thought I  was pretty, he was quite good looking himself. I'd never thought of myself as pretty, just boring farm girl. The more I thought of it the more I thought that Gaige was just trying to keep me from slapping him or something, a guy like him would never like a girl like me.

He followed me into the main house, and after his grandmother hugged him and fussed over him and how it looked like he didn't eat enough while he was away, we all sat down to a very awkward breakfast. It was awkward for me anyway, and I think Gaige as well not wanting to mention to his grandmother how he'd walked in on me. Rose however, didn't notice the awkwardness, she was just delighted to have her grandson home for a few days. She kept telling us about how wonderful the other was, and we would surely get along very well. Gaige smiled and agreed that I seemed like a lovely girl and he'd be glad to get to know me, I just blushed more and ate in silence.