From Farm to Fame- Chapter 7

Rose told me that I was throwing my life away, I was too young to keep myself locked up at home, and all because of a boy... who loved me dearly and would be back in a couple months... I wouldn't lose him. She insisted I had nothing to be sad about and I needed to put a smile on my face and go and have some fun for a change.

Rose wanted her garden re-planted, so as the plants became barren I was to just dispose of the plant and not re-plant it until the rest had become barren. Normally I replaced plants as they became barren, but rose figured it would be nice to rearrange the garden, maybe plant something different, and have some sprinklers set up to make watering easier. So I was spending less and less time in the garden as it shrunk. Rose figured it would be a great opportunity to meet up with some of the sims around town and see who would be interested in buying fruits and vegetables from her when her new garden was ready, and what they would like so that I would know what to plant. She gave me contact info for people she dealt with in the past, and sent me on my way. I knew she only sent me instead of doing it herself, because it meant I'd have to get out of the house and talk to some new people.

I had no idea that she knew so many celebrities, and just my brief conversations with them had people I didn't even know looking up to me. Everybody wondered where I had come from and what was so special about me, that I was just all of the sudden talking to half the towns celebrities. Soon there were paparazzi hanging around the house, and taking pictures as I tended to the dying garden... I hated being seen in my grimy garden clothes with a bunch of dead plants around me. I was offered money to work out at the gym, not that I needed to, they insisted. 

I was also invited to some pool party to flaunt my even more amazing bikini body. That bothered me a bit to be honest, growing up on a farm we didn't think about "bikini bodies", we were very modest. I guess that had stuck with me, and although I went I was uncomfortable the whole time. Of course a night-time pool party at a house without a pool, and in which the host is in a skimpy nightgown... isn't particularly comforting in the first place.

I got many offers to try drinks at club. I wasn't sure about doing so the first time, but I did anyway, and I enjoyed it enough to do it whenever I was asked to. I usually only had one of whatever I was asked to try and just mingled a bit, I was enjoying making friends. If I had more than one drink though, enough to loosen me up a bit, I would start telling ghost stories...everybody loved them, but I felt lame afterwards. Who tells ghost stories at a club?

I still found time to talk to Gaige on the phone everday. He was happy that I was having fun, and told me not to worry if I was too busy to talk to long as I didn't forget him altogether. He was just happy I was finding the happiness I'd come here in search of, and he'd understand. His classes were going great, and he wanted to volunteer at the hospital over the summer, just doing stuff like cheering up sick little kids but getting a feel for the hospital and seeing how things worked at the same time. 

Gaige talked about how he wanted to get married in the summer, he wanted to make me his wife before he lost me. We'd only been one date but we talked so much, and it already felt like I knew him so well, I excitedly agreed that it would be a great idea. We just had to figure out how to break it to Rose, and to my parents who hadn't even met him yet. We both avoided conversations with Rose, until we figured out how to tell her. I knew it was hard on Gaige avoiding the only family he had, and it was painfully difficult to call him and tell him needed to come home as soon as he could... if he wanted to be able to say good-bye to her.