From Farm to Fame- Chapter 8

I tried to fight back my tears as I washed the dishes, Rose had died shortly after I called Gaige to tell him he needed to come home. I wanted to cry some more, she was an amazing person and it didn't seem fair that she had died, but I knew Gaige would be home any minute. I needed to be strong for him, I couldn't imagine how hard it was on him, and it would only hurt me more to watch him hurt.

I turned around as he came in, he looked awful. "Glad you made it home safe, I was worried about you driving down here when you are so upset. Are you hungry? I just ate some leftovers from earlier, but I can cook something if you want." He just walked over to the bed and plopped down into it, didn't even acknowledge me in any way. "Ok I'll take that as a no. If you're hungry later just let me know what to make, and if there's anything else you want or need just let me know." Still no reponse, he appeared to be sleeping, but I figured it was just an act so I'd leave him alone.

I sighed and turned back around to finish the dishes. I just wanted to hug him and tell him everything would be okay, but that obviously wasn't what he wanted. I decided to just go for a walk and give him his space, maybe it would calm me down a bit as well. I called out to Gaige before I left "Hon, I'm going out for a walk, if you want to come you're more than welcome to. If not I have my cell so you can call me if you need or want anything. Love you." He snored, it was more response than I figured I'd get, but it still didn't convince me that he was asleep.

I had no idea where my walk would lead me, but something unseen...something from my heart wanted me to follow it, so I did. It lead me to the prosper room. It made sense really, it was where I'd fallen in love Gaige... It held the memories of the happiest time of my life. Though nothing could totally remove the pain of Rose's death, the flood of memories did ease the pain a bit. I couldn't go in wearing my everyday wear, it was a formal club, and they made no exceptions. Soaking up the happiness seemed desperatly needed, so I went into the bathroom and dug in my bag, I always had something with me that I could pass off as formal wear. I had learned from the many times I got last minute calls to attend formal events, to always be prepared. When you see celebrities with massive bags, it because they do the same thing.

After changing I stared to make my way to the lounge and was struck with a moment of nearly crippling pain. I just wanted to curl up in a ball somewhere and cry until somehow the pain stopped, but of course the paparazzi would be watching ready to take a picture of my melt down. So I just acted as if I wasn't really hurting, and went to order a drink... maybe it would help the moment pass a bit faster. It didn't so I tried another drink, and another...and...another. Eventually the pain stopped and I was up on the counter dancing with delight... Delight of what I don't know...delight of alcohol I guess. Turns out fancy clubs don't like such behaviour and they tossed me out.

I stummbled into the quest house a little while later, Gaige was up and waiting watching the door.

"Gaige!" I yelled, and then proceed to whisper "ohhh.... what are you looking at? Am I missing something really awesomely cool." Apparently drunk people are dumb, and I am no exception.

"I'm looking at you" He was being extremely serious, and was obviously angry. I however just giggled, I took it as a compliment at the time. Like I said drunk people are dumb. "Not like that, It's 2am where the hell have you been?"

I giggled again "I just went for a walk, no need to be grumpy" and then I pouted. He tossed something at me, which hit my face before slipping into my hands. "Hey that hurt, you're not very nice."

"Well maybe next time you'll think twice about lying to me, unless you have some other explanation for that photo." He was yelling, though I didn't notice at the time.

I looked at what he had thrown, it was his phone displaying a picture of me joyfully dancing at the club. I giggled again "Oh that... I just had a few drinks at the club that I went to when I went on my walk." I paused "Hey! don't call me a liar!I told you I was going for I walk, I walked there, I walked back. I never said that that I didn't stop at the club. What's the problem anyway?"

He was even angier now, and I definitely could tell no matter how drunk and stupid I was. "The problem is that you have a fiance, and you shouldn't be out at the club until 2am dressed like that unless I am with you. Especially when you are so drunk. What the hell made you so happy anyway? You realize somebody just died right? Or are you too stupid to understand what that means. My grandmother was extremely kind and helpful to you. She gave you a job, and a place to live. She treated you just like you were her grandchild, and that was before we even met. She did it because she cared about you, not because you were involved with me. You don't seem to care at all, about what she did for you, or the fact that she is dead. You're just an ungrateful little brat. You don't seem to care either, about how I'm feeling, wandering off to the clubs when I need your support more than anything. Maybe my next fiance won't be so stupid and self-centered."

"I... You..." I tried to hold back my tears, I was hurt and I was angry. I knew he was hurting, but that didn't give him reason to treat me that way. "If you think that I don't care, you are wrong. I do care, I know what rose did for me, she never went unthanked or unappreciated. She was my friend, and I was hers. She was my strength when I missed you and wanted give up on everything until you came back, and I was hers. We had a lot in common, and I feel like part of me has died as well. I wanted to stay here with you, but you seemed more interested in being alone, so I left you alone. I had my cellphone you could have called me, I would have come home. I told you that before I left when you pretending to sleep to avoid me. I was trying to be strong so I could look after you, because I knew you'd be taking it even harder and it hurts me to see you hurt. I love you, or I did love you, but right now I'm not so sure. I know this is hard on you, but that doesn't give you a reason to treat me like crap." He just stood there looking at me with a stupid expression on his face. I couldn't tell if it was hurt, surprise, or more anger...or perhaps a mix of the three. I turned around and walked out the door, slamming it as hard as I could behind me.