From Farm to Fame- Chapter 2

I sighed and wandered around the room gathering up all my belongings, it wasn't much, I'd never had much and I had even less when I left home. My week was up, and I hadn't found a job, so it was time to leave the hotel. The last thing I packed up was an old photo of my family. We all looked so happy, and I missed them so much. I missed the farm, it was awful but at least I had roof over my head, food on the table, and my family. Ok I still had my family, I'd called them since I left... they missed me and wished I'd said goodbye but understood why I had to leave. It just wasn't the same as being at home with them; taking a lunch break inside where my mom had sandwhiches and iced tea or lemonade ready for us and we'd all sit around and just talk about whatever while we ate and cooled of a bit, or sitting around the fireplace on a cold winter night drinking hot chocolate and listen to my dads stories from when he was our age that were so horribly boring but I pretended to be interested so I could stay up late even if it meant listening. I missed it horribly, whether the conversation was boring or interesting there was always something to be said, and home was never lonely.

The streets were beyond lonely. Living on the streets I knew I couldn't talk to anyone, not even to say hi. It was too risky; many were on the streets for reasons similar to mine, and many were just there to cause trouble. I hardly slept at all, I didn't know what I would wake up to... or if I'd wake up at all. I usaully just spent my nights wandering around trying to find a safe place to hide, and trying to find a new one when somebody found me. Finding food was almost impossible, the only time I could find food was when the held a cook off or eatting conest at the park. Bridgeport was a cruel and depressing place.

I checked tossed out newpapers daily for new jobs, but the jobs avaliable never changed... just disappeared one at a time. It seemed as if there wasn't much of a market for jobs right now, so I'd have needed a lot more experience then I would have been able to get in my 18 years of life anyway. I just wish I'd known that before I left home, but I didn't, so I was stuck in Bridgeport with no way to get home. I'd left my truck in the hotel parking lot hoping that nobody would notice or be bothered to have it towed away... I just had no gas money to drive it anywhere.

I decided to take a walk over by the hotel one day, just to see if my truck was still there. The thought that it might be gone became more overwhelming all the time, as I started to miss my family more.  They had given me so much, and I'd just walked away as if I didn't care for any of it, as if I didn't care for them. I knew that they understood and hadn't taken it personally, I just couldn't handle losing such an important memory of my family, especially when I couldn't even talk to them. My dad had know how much I wanted a vehicle when I turned 16, but couldn't afford one, so he gave me his... it was his most prized possesion, the only thing he'd ever gotten from his dad. It was symbolic of how close our family was, how important we were to each other.

I was angry when I found it, it had been broken into. The windows were shattered, and my heart felt as if it had been shattered too. I didn't have anything for anybody to steal, I figured that would be obvious just by looking at the truck, I couldn't begin to understand why somebody needed to do that to it. As angry as I was at whoever had done it, I was angry at my self as well, if I hadn't been so careless with my life it wouldn't have been left to be broken into. I opened the passengers side door, so I could shut the glove box, and something fell out as I did so. My tears turned to an awkward laughter when I realized what it was...