From Farm to Fame- Chapter 19

As glad as I was that Gaige had made it home safe, dinner was incredibly awkward as I didn't feel like talking much... or at all really. I was still bothered by Carlos showing up, but had no desire to tell Gaige. I knew how that conversation would go. I knew he was still upset about what happened between Carlos and I in the first place, and would question why he even knew where to find me. I knew he also hated Carlos more than I did, and would be grumpy and impossible to deal with... convincing him I didn't want Carlos there would just make it worse. I loved that he wanted to look after me, but I didn't like upsetting him... and I didn't want him going after Carlos, that too would just make things worse.

I was clearing the table when Gaige spoke. "So I'm assuming your unusual quietness has something to do with Carlos showing up?"

"You know?" I wondered how he knew, had Carlos tried going after him already? I hoped not.

"Well it seems to be the talk of the town. Seems he has a reputation here. Where you ever going to tell me? I know how you feel about him, you don't have to worry that I'll be mad at you."

"I was worried you'd be mad that he knew where to find me. I know you still aren't over everything, even if you act like you are. I also know how much you hate him, and that you aren't opposed to beating the crap out of him. Which as fun as it sounds, is only going to anger him more."

"I will do anything to protect you. You have no idea what his reputation here is for do you?"

"No. I'd guess stalking women though."

"I'd suggest you look it up. I'm sure what you find will explain it better than I can... I've only learned what I've overheard around town. I am over it by the way, at least your involvement. I wasn't for a long time but I am now. I will never forgive Carlos however. Given the opportunity I would beat the crap out of him... in fact I'll go further and kill him."

I didn't really want to know, and decided not to go look it up, but it made headline news that evening. His sudden reappearance in town and the stories of what he did when he was around before. A young girl who passed out after a single drink, and was seen being carried out by Carlos.... she never returned home. It was suspected that he'd spiked her drink with something. A girlfriend who went missing shortly after telling her family about how Carlos abused her, and she was going to break up with him..

I was startled when Gaige sat down beside me. I was still trying to process what I'd just heard. Spiking drinks explained why I could even remember how I ended up in his bed, he'd probably done the same to me. I was just lucky I was alive. "Sorry. You ok?"

I shook my head "I could have been one of them."

"I know, but you weren't and you won't be. I'll do anything to protect you and I mean that."

"He's after you."

"Well good he can find me, it'll make my job a lot easier."

"It's not good. What if he hurts you?"

"Well I beat him last time, I'm not so worried about it."

"I am. Just stay here, at least if he comes here after you I can take a shot at him as well. I won't worry all day."

"You know I can't. I wish I could, only so I could watch over you. We both have to go on with our lives though. Worrying too much is only going to drive us insane. Besides he'll probably hide for a while since the town knows to watch out for him. He'll wait until it dies off a bit, and then he'll come out of hiding. With any luck semster will be over by then." I had no idea how he could be so calm and confident, I wished I could be.


From Farm to Fame- Chapter 18

We decided to move to Apaloosa Plains, as it was close to Gaige's university which was a better school than the one in Bridgeport, but it allowed him to be around to help with the babies...and for us to be close to each other. I was glad, I missed him when he was away at school. We sold Rose's house so we could afford to move, I'd always thought we should anyway but I didn't think Gaige would react well to me suggesting it, so I was surprised when he suggested that we do so.

Apaloosa Plains was beautiful, and peaceful. It was almost like being back at the farm, but it was a town with other sims and places to go, it wasn't so lonely and boring. It certainly wasn't as hectic and busy as Bridgeport, everybody seemed so layed back and happy.

I felt at home right away, I didn't need anytime to adjust to living there. The twins however, had a very hard time adjusting, and were incredibly restless. I had no idea what to do, I just hoped it would get better over time, but it was going to be difficult until then.

After a few days I noticed that the twins had taken a lot of interest in the stray cat that liked to wander around our yard, and I decided to take it in. I just hoped it would make things easier for them, and it certainly seemed to help. Shadow loved to watch over the twins and spent a lot of time in the nursery while they played with their toys. When the were sleeping he spent a lot of time running around the house and playing with whatever he could get at. He was a bit of a handful, but very affectionate. He quickly became an important part of the family.

Things remained peaceful, even after our beautiful baby boy Nate was born. Nate was a quite baby, so easy to take care of. Shadow kept the twins entertained; and teaching them to walk, talk, and use the potty had been going amazingly well.

It was the day I was putting Nate down in the nursery to sleep and I heard his voice come through the open window that the peacefulness was lost.

"Hello love." He had his creepy grin across his face

"Carlos. How the hell did you get my address?" I felt sick to my stomach...surely he had not come with any good reasons.

"Come on now, I'll always find you. I love you, I want to be with you... I'll go wherever you go."

"That'll be really hard to do from a jail cell, which is where you will end up if you don't leave now."

"Fine, I'll leave...but don't think I'm giving up. I'll find a way to make you mine. Maybe I'll just have to do something about that husband of yours..."

I shut and locked the window after he left, and made sure all the other windows and doors were locked, before going to watch for Gaige to come home from school. I wouldn't be able to relax until he was home safe.

From Farm to Fame- Chapter 17

The piano played and started down the aisle, my dad by my side. It was the moment I'd waited my whole life for, and it was even better than I had ever imagined it to be.  I smiled but I could feel the tears coming down my face. I'd promised myself I wouldn't cry, but I couldn't hold back.

I cried through the vows and could hardly speak when it was my turn.

Rachelle, I loved you the moment I met you, and that love has grown every day since. When I had nothing else I had you. You gave me a reason to laugh and smile, to love, and to live. I tell you my deepest fears and darkest secrets, and I know they are safe, and I am safe. You understand me;  when I need to be alone and when I need a friend, when I need to laugh and when I need to cry. I can't imagine anybody more perfect then you, and I only hope that I can live up to the undying love and dedication you give to me. This ring, without end, is a symbol of my promise to try my very best to be everything you need and want, and to love you without end.

Gaige, You are my best friend and my one true love. You came to me when I felt as if something was missing from my life. You took that feeling away, and replaced it with love. You completed me. When it stormed you were the umbrella that let every drop slide off of you, you sheltered our love from the storm and it gave a chance to become stronger. I give you this ring as a symbol of my promises to you, just as it encircles your finger I promise to encircle our love and together we will shelter it from all of lifes storms, Now and for eternity.

That first kiss as a married couple was as sweet and perfect as the day so far.

The reception was just as lovely. Everybody filled up on cake and food from the buffet tables, before heading to the dance floor and dancing to a wide range of music from the band.

As the night dragged on guests went home, or dove into the pool and the hall became empty aside from us and the band. We took one last dance, a slower and more intimate dance. I wanted to tell Gaige what I had been waiting all day to say, but decided to wait just a bit longer, until we were alone in our room.

I knew Gaige could tell something was up, and he looked concerned when he asked me about it. "Is something wrong my love?"

I wanted to tell him, so he wouldn't be concerned. I just wanted the moment to be right... and this wasn't quite it. "Of course not, everything is perfect. Better than that, it's almost hard to believe it's real."

"It just seems like somethings on your mind."

"There's just so much to take in, but it's worth it. Really, everything's fine. Don't worry. I love you"

"I love you too. You look absolutely incredible by the way."

"You've said that about a thousand times already, but thank-you."

After we finished dancing and all the guests who had been lingering around the resort had gone home, Gaige and I went down to the beach. It seemed like a nice peaceful way to wind down after such an eventful day, and the beach had incredible views that Bridgeport didn't have... it was nice to enjoy as much of them as we could.

I didn't feel much like talking, but just enjoying be close to each other and staring out at the vast stary sky and the moon shining across the lake. Gaige however was still determined to find out what was going on.

"Ok, we're totally alone. No band, nobody else hanging around to interupt us. Will you please tell me what is going on. You aren't having regrets already are you?"

I couldn't believe he would think that I'd have regrets "No, no of course not. I'll never regret this, I love you... don't ever think otherwise."

"Then what could possibly have you so distracted from all of this?"
"You know I imagined telling you differently, but... I'm pregnant."

"and this baby is mine..." He gave me a serious look, but I knew he didn't really mean it... at least not totally.

I returned the look. "Don't look so serious... you know it is. I'd never go through that mess again."

"Then that is wonderful news. How can you make an already perfect day even better?"

"I'm just amazing."

"Yes you are."

"And you are to. After all none of this would be possible without you."

Nobody spoke for several minutes, until I started to think past the wedding and all the excitement. "What are we going to do?"

"About what?"

"The baby... We're going to have 3 babies Gaige, 3. What if it's more than one, what if we have twins...we'll have 4 babies."

"It'll be ok, we'll work it out."

"That's easy for you to say, You'll be away at school."

"I'll be wherever you need me to be. I'll transfer and take classes in Bridgeport, I'll do whatever needs to be done. It'll be fine."

I leaned against him and rested my head on his shoulder, he always knew what to say to make me feel better. "I'm so glad I have you. I couldn't do any of this without you."

Neither of us spoke or moved, and we stayed out on the beach so long that sun rose. It was incredible to watch. The sky brushed with stroke of brilliant color that bounced off the ocean. It was perfect, everything was perfect. Not just the wedding, or sitting out on the beach, but my life. I was scared, but I knew my life couldn't be any better than it was. Gaige made my life amazing, the twins made it even better, and any other babies would make it better yet.


From Farm to Fame- Chapter 16

"Carlos you need to leave, right now. Gaige will be home any minute now, and I don't want him to see you here." I'd told Gaige about the last time Carlos had come by, but I was still terrified of what conclusion he would jump to when he saw Carlos.

"This wouldn't be a problem if you just left him, I'd never be mad if I found you with me." He grinned and it sent chills down my spine.

"I'm sure there'd be a whole new batch of problems. You are just creepy, I'm not leaving Gaige for you. We actually love each other, you are just some creep after sex and I hate you."

"Aww come on love that's not true. I love you, and those precious babies of ours, we'd be such a happy family. I'm a family man now, thanks to you. I'm not just after sex."

It made me uncomfortable when he called me love, and I was becoming increasingly concerned. "Don't drag them into this again. I thought I made it clear that I don't want you anywhere near them, you will never be part of their lives or mine. Just go away."

That's when Gaige walked in. He looked confused, but not angry at least. I ran over to give him a hug and a kiss "I'm so glad your home" I didn't let go.

He held me even tighter, and looked at Carlos. "So you must be Carlos. I've heard lots about you, though this is the first time we've met. So I have to wonder why you are here now?"

He grinned again "I'm just here to see my girl."

Gaige let me go and walked over to Carlos. "Really, she doesn't seem to excited about you being here, and I'm the one she came running to."

"She's just acting. Good at it isn't she, makes you wonder what else she is up to doesn't it?"

"I can tell when she's upset, and she is upset. She's not acting. You learn these things about the people you love. If you loved her you'd know this, it's obvious what you are after, and I recommend that you leave, now. She may refrain from beating the crap out of you, but I won't."

Carlos laughed "I'd like to see that. I think I'll stick around."

"Suit yourself man" He gave Carlos a shove and carlos shoved back.

I didn't want to watch them beat each other up, as much as Carlos deserved it and I want to beat him up as well. "Guys please don't. Gaige come on you're better than that. Carlos just go, nobody here likes you. You're wasting your time" It was no use. So, I just kept praying that Gaige would be ok.

I was very proud when he creamed Carlos and Carlos left muttering that it wasn't worth it. I had a feeling he'd be back, but not while Gaige was around. I gave him a hug "My hero."

"Does that mean I get a reward?"

I giggled "If you want to call it a reward go ahead, but you didn't need to be a hero for it."


From Farm to Fame- Chapter 15

I came home from looking at wedding venues, and he was sitting on my sofa. Carlos, mr. absentee father. I was not at all pleased, I didn't know why he was there, but he wasn't welcome.

"What the hell are you doing here?" I wasn't wasting anytime trying to be nice.

"I came to see you and the babies. I want to be part of your lives, all of your lives." He spoke in a polite tone, that had a hint of something sinister.

It just made me angrier and more determined to get him to leave "No. There is no room for you in my life, and you are not welcome in theirs."

"Just ditch that guy... Gaige is it?"

"What?! No! I love were just a mistake, a really big mistake."

"Come on,  you know I'm better for  you. We can be a family. You, me, and our babies. It'll be better for them too. He won't last. He'll run eventually, he's just doesn't want to seem like the jerk dumping you just after you had the babies"

"No. Get out!" I pointed at the door, tempted to smack him instead.

"You're upset because it's true." He grinned and touched my cheek.

"No, it's not. I love Gaige, and he loves me. I don't care what you say. The words of someone like you don't mean anything to me. You have to earn my trust and respect, you haven't. You haven't wanted anything to do with us until now, you rejected the whole idea of having the babies in your life...pretended as if nothing ever happened. I gave you the chance to be part of their lives and you blew it. You never had the chance to be part of mine and you never will. Now are you going to walk out that door, or am I going to force you out? I'd highly reccomend the first, it'll be a lot less painful."

He ran out the door but not before yelling "You'll see Rachelle, I won't give up, I will be part of your lives. I will win." Win as if we were objects to be given away like they don't matter, what a creep.

I turned to my mom who had been watching and looked quite frightened herself. "Mom are you okay? I'm sorry you had to see that, but I have to look after them. Please don't let him in again."

She spoke quitely "I'm sorry Rachelle... I told him to come back later... when you were home. He wouldn't leave, he pushed his way in. I didn't let him near them though, I told him they were with you."

I made us some tea to help calm us down, and tried to switch the subject. "So I found out about this venue opening up in sunset valley. The pictures of it make it look really beautiful and it's not even ready yet. It opens up about a week before we want to get married. The cost is really reduced, of course you have to be really fast to book it. Anyway I gave the lady who told me about it my number, she's going to call me when I can book a date. I haven't decided for sure on it yet, I wanted to talk to Gaige first about travelling so far. I really like it though so I hope he'll be ok with it."

"You know he will, that boy would do anything for you, and if he says no just tell him about that guy. He'd change his mind just to keep you safe for a few days." It was obvious she was still very upset.

"I'll have to remember that. I can handle Carlos though, trust me... don't worry. You saw how fast he ran out of here, he'll know better than to mess with me, and if he does I'll prove to him why he shouldn't have." I didn't even believe what I said, I just wanted my mom to believe it. She'd had to deal with too much already, I knew she still wasn't handling everything very well even though she acted like she was.