From Farm to Fame- Chapter 16

"Carlos you need to leave, right now. Gaige will be home any minute now, and I don't want him to see you here." I'd told Gaige about the last time Carlos had come by, but I was still terrified of what conclusion he would jump to when he saw Carlos.

"This wouldn't be a problem if you just left him, I'd never be mad if I found you with me." He grinned and it sent chills down my spine.

"I'm sure there'd be a whole new batch of problems. You are just creepy, I'm not leaving Gaige for you. We actually love each other, you are just some creep after sex and I hate you."

"Aww come on love that's not true. I love you, and those precious babies of ours, we'd be such a happy family. I'm a family man now, thanks to you. I'm not just after sex."

It made me uncomfortable when he called me love, and I was becoming increasingly concerned. "Don't drag them into this again. I thought I made it clear that I don't want you anywhere near them, you will never be part of their lives or mine. Just go away."

That's when Gaige walked in. He looked confused, but not angry at least. I ran over to give him a hug and a kiss "I'm so glad your home" I didn't let go.

He held me even tighter, and looked at Carlos. "So you must be Carlos. I've heard lots about you, though this is the first time we've met. So I have to wonder why you are here now?"

He grinned again "I'm just here to see my girl."

Gaige let me go and walked over to Carlos. "Really, she doesn't seem to excited about you being here, and I'm the one she came running to."

"She's just acting. Good at it isn't she, makes you wonder what else she is up to doesn't it?"

"I can tell when she's upset, and she is upset. She's not acting. You learn these things about the people you love. If you loved her you'd know this, it's obvious what you are after, and I recommend that you leave, now. She may refrain from beating the crap out of you, but I won't."

Carlos laughed "I'd like to see that. I think I'll stick around."

"Suit yourself man" He gave Carlos a shove and carlos shoved back.

I didn't want to watch them beat each other up, as much as Carlos deserved it and I want to beat him up as well. "Guys please don't. Gaige come on you're better than that. Carlos just go, nobody here likes you. You're wasting your time" It was no use. So, I just kept praying that Gaige would be ok.

I was very proud when he creamed Carlos and Carlos left muttering that it wasn't worth it. I had a feeling he'd be back, but not while Gaige was around. I gave him a hug "My hero."

"Does that mean I get a reward?"

I giggled "If you want to call it a reward go ahead, but you didn't need to be a hero for it."