From Farm to Fame- Chapter 18

We decided to move to Apaloosa Plains, as it was close to Gaige's university which was a better school than the one in Bridgeport, but it allowed him to be around to help with the babies...and for us to be close to each other. I was glad, I missed him when he was away at school. We sold Rose's house so we could afford to move, I'd always thought we should anyway but I didn't think Gaige would react well to me suggesting it, so I was surprised when he suggested that we do so.

Apaloosa Plains was beautiful, and peaceful. It was almost like being back at the farm, but it was a town with other sims and places to go, it wasn't so lonely and boring. It certainly wasn't as hectic and busy as Bridgeport, everybody seemed so layed back and happy.

I felt at home right away, I didn't need anytime to adjust to living there. The twins however, had a very hard time adjusting, and were incredibly restless. I had no idea what to do, I just hoped it would get better over time, but it was going to be difficult until then.

After a few days I noticed that the twins had taken a lot of interest in the stray cat that liked to wander around our yard, and I decided to take it in. I just hoped it would make things easier for them, and it certainly seemed to help. Shadow loved to watch over the twins and spent a lot of time in the nursery while they played with their toys. When the were sleeping he spent a lot of time running around the house and playing with whatever he could get at. He was a bit of a handful, but very affectionate. He quickly became an important part of the family.

Things remained peaceful, even after our beautiful baby boy Nate was born. Nate was a quite baby, so easy to take care of. Shadow kept the twins entertained; and teaching them to walk, talk, and use the potty had been going amazingly well.

It was the day I was putting Nate down in the nursery to sleep and I heard his voice come through the open window that the peacefulness was lost.

"Hello love." He had his creepy grin across his face

"Carlos. How the hell did you get my address?" I felt sick to my stomach...surely he had not come with any good reasons.

"Come on now, I'll always find you. I love you, I want to be with you... I'll go wherever you go."

"That'll be really hard to do from a jail cell, which is where you will end up if you don't leave now."

"Fine, I'll leave...but don't think I'm giving up. I'll find a way to make you mine. Maybe I'll just have to do something about that husband of yours..."

I shut and locked the window after he left, and made sure all the other windows and doors were locked, before going to watch for Gaige to come home from school. I wouldn't be able to relax until he was home safe.