From Farm to Fame- Chapter 14

"Did your mom forgive you yet?" I was talking to Gaige, it had been several days but it was hard to find the time anymore.

"She forgave me, she even wants to help plan the wedding." Gaige and I were planning on having a small wedding, but I wasn't so sure how that would go if my mom was helping.

"That's great, I told you she'd forgive you. Still mad at me?"


"What does it depend on?"

I laughed "On how the wedding planning goes, I already want to kill her."

"Oh, I see. That bad huh?"

"She's trying to talk me into a big wedding, I can't convince her that a small one would be just fine."

"What's wrong with a big wedding? I don't care, but I'm sure deep down you want one"

"Yeah I do, but we can't afford it. Besides are you sure you'd be ok with a big wedding, without having any family to be there?"

"I'm not going to have family there either way. As long as you are there, that's all I care about. Make it whatever you want. I get to watch you coming down that aisle, and nothing else is going to matter, because you'll steal the show." I liked that he hadn't changed since we first met, even if his lines seemed kind of cheesy. I knew he meant them.

"Awww.... I love you. Even if you're so lame."

"Ouch, I compliment you and you call me lame."

"I love your lameness."

"Maybe I'll have to be even lamer then."

I found my mom after hanging up with Gaige, she wanted to take me dress shopping. It would be easier now that I didn't have to worry about trying to plan a really small wedding. I'd been expecting to end up getting married at city hall in plain clothes, honestly. I knew we still could afford much though, but I was excited to get a dress and maybe have a slightly nicer wedding.

I was overwhelmed looking at dresses. There were so many beautiful dresses, many way out of budget, but it was hard to decide where to start looking. My mom seemed to have some ideas though and  had found one already for me to try. It was one of those that would be well over our budget. "Mom, it's beautiful please put it back though. I can't afford that." She kept coming closer with it "Mom, Your making me want it more... I really can't afford it, put it back"

"Nonsense, just try it on. You'll look beautiful in it."

"Mom!" I tried to turn away so I wouldn't look at it anymore, but I couldn't. "Oh fine!"
I squeezed into it, but it was a bit tight. Still it looked amazing, I knew it was the dress I wanted. "Mom. Why'd you make me try this one? I love it, but it's way over budget."

"Don't you worry about that. I'll help"

I laughed "Mom... you can't afford it either. Are you insane?"

"I've been saving for your wedding since you were born. I never expected you'd be able to afford a nice wedding without some help."

"Mom, you can't spend all your savings on me."

"That's what I saved for I'm not spending it on anything else. If this is the dress you want, it's the dress you'll get. Is it the dress you want?"

"Yes..but..." I really didn't want her to spend so much on me, but before I could say anything she gone off to find the sales lady. Just shopping for a dress was more effort than I expected the whole wedding to be, and I knew it wasn't about to get any easier.