From Farm to Fame- Chapter 15

I came home from looking at wedding venues, and he was sitting on my sofa. Carlos, mr. absentee father. I was not at all pleased, I didn't know why he was there, but he wasn't welcome.

"What the hell are you doing here?" I wasn't wasting anytime trying to be nice.

"I came to see you and the babies. I want to be part of your lives, all of your lives." He spoke in a polite tone, that had a hint of something sinister.

It just made me angrier and more determined to get him to leave "No. There is no room for you in my life, and you are not welcome in theirs."

"Just ditch that guy... Gaige is it?"

"What?! No! I love were just a mistake, a really big mistake."

"Come on,  you know I'm better for  you. We can be a family. You, me, and our babies. It'll be better for them too. He won't last. He'll run eventually, he's just doesn't want to seem like the jerk dumping you just after you had the babies"

"No. Get out!" I pointed at the door, tempted to smack him instead.

"You're upset because it's true." He grinned and touched my cheek.

"No, it's not. I love Gaige, and he loves me. I don't care what you say. The words of someone like you don't mean anything to me. You have to earn my trust and respect, you haven't. You haven't wanted anything to do with us until now, you rejected the whole idea of having the babies in your life...pretended as if nothing ever happened. I gave you the chance to be part of their lives and you blew it. You never had the chance to be part of mine and you never will. Now are you going to walk out that door, or am I going to force you out? I'd highly reccomend the first, it'll be a lot less painful."

He ran out the door but not before yelling "You'll see Rachelle, I won't give up, I will be part of your lives. I will win." Win as if we were objects to be given away like they don't matter, what a creep.

I turned to my mom who had been watching and looked quite frightened herself. "Mom are you okay? I'm sorry you had to see that, but I have to look after them. Please don't let him in again."

She spoke quitely "I'm sorry Rachelle... I told him to come back later... when you were home. He wouldn't leave, he pushed his way in. I didn't let him near them though, I told him they were with you."

I made us some tea to help calm us down, and tried to switch the subject. "So I found out about this venue opening up in sunset valley. The pictures of it make it look really beautiful and it's not even ready yet. It opens up about a week before we want to get married. The cost is really reduced, of course you have to be really fast to book it. Anyway I gave the lady who told me about it my number, she's going to call me when I can book a date. I haven't decided for sure on it yet, I wanted to talk to Gaige first about travelling so far. I really like it though so I hope he'll be ok with it."

"You know he will, that boy would do anything for you, and if he says no just tell him about that guy. He'd change his mind just to keep you safe for a few days." It was obvious she was still very upset.

"I'll have to remember that. I can handle Carlos though, trust me... don't worry. You saw how fast he ran out of here, he'll know better than to mess with me, and if he does I'll prove to him why he shouldn't have." I didn't even believe what I said, I just wanted my mom to believe it. She'd had to deal with too much already, I knew she still wasn't handling everything very well even though she acted like she was.