From Farm to Fame- Chapter 19

As glad as I was that Gaige had made it home safe, dinner was incredibly awkward as I didn't feel like talking much... or at all really. I was still bothered by Carlos showing up, but had no desire to tell Gaige. I knew how that conversation would go. I knew he was still upset about what happened between Carlos and I in the first place, and would question why he even knew where to find me. I knew he also hated Carlos more than I did, and would be grumpy and impossible to deal with... convincing him I didn't want Carlos there would just make it worse. I loved that he wanted to look after me, but I didn't like upsetting him... and I didn't want him going after Carlos, that too would just make things worse.

I was clearing the table when Gaige spoke. "So I'm assuming your unusual quietness has something to do with Carlos showing up?"

"You know?" I wondered how he knew, had Carlos tried going after him already? I hoped not.

"Well it seems to be the talk of the town. Seems he has a reputation here. Where you ever going to tell me? I know how you feel about him, you don't have to worry that I'll be mad at you."

"I was worried you'd be mad that he knew where to find me. I know you still aren't over everything, even if you act like you are. I also know how much you hate him, and that you aren't opposed to beating the crap out of him. Which as fun as it sounds, is only going to anger him more."

"I will do anything to protect you. You have no idea what his reputation here is for do you?"

"No. I'd guess stalking women though."

"I'd suggest you look it up. I'm sure what you find will explain it better than I can... I've only learned what I've overheard around town. I am over it by the way, at least your involvement. I wasn't for a long time but I am now. I will never forgive Carlos however. Given the opportunity I would beat the crap out of him... in fact I'll go further and kill him."

I didn't really want to know, and decided not to go look it up, but it made headline news that evening. His sudden reappearance in town and the stories of what he did when he was around before. A young girl who passed out after a single drink, and was seen being carried out by Carlos.... she never returned home. It was suspected that he'd spiked her drink with something. A girlfriend who went missing shortly after telling her family about how Carlos abused her, and she was going to break up with him..

I was startled when Gaige sat down beside me. I was still trying to process what I'd just heard. Spiking drinks explained why I could even remember how I ended up in his bed, he'd probably done the same to me. I was just lucky I was alive. "Sorry. You ok?"

I shook my head "I could have been one of them."

"I know, but you weren't and you won't be. I'll do anything to protect you and I mean that."

"He's after you."

"Well good he can find me, it'll make my job a lot easier."

"It's not good. What if he hurts you?"

"Well I beat him last time, I'm not so worried about it."

"I am. Just stay here, at least if he comes here after you I can take a shot at him as well. I won't worry all day."

"You know I can't. I wish I could, only so I could watch over you. We both have to go on with our lives though. Worrying too much is only going to drive us insane. Besides he'll probably hide for a while since the town knows to watch out for him. He'll wait until it dies off a bit, and then he'll come out of hiding. With any luck semster will be over by then." I had no idea how he could be so calm and confident, I wished I could be.