From Farm to Fame: Haylie- Chapter Seventeen

Pictures didn’t even do justice to how beautiful Hidden Springs was, it was breathtaking and pulling around the final turn before town where it all came into view made the whole trip worth it; just in that one moment. The drive had taken two days with very little time to stop and rest, I just wanted to get there and get settled in as fast as possible as the twins were very restless no matter what I did; I knew it would still be a while before they would get over that, but it would only get worse the longer the trip took, and the sooner we were there the sooner they would start to settle and adjust to our new lives. It hadn’t been an enjoyable drive either, it was only the last few hours when we’d finally started to see mountains that there had been anything exciting to see along the way, and it had only been about those same few hours that I’d had any peace and quiet when the twins finally slept.

Knowing the twins would wake up as soon as I took them out of the car, and that since they’d been sleeping for a few hours they would stay awake for a while, I just drove around town for a while, not looking for anything but just taking in the sights and enjoying the peace for a few extra minutes. People walked leisurely through the town and tended lush gardens in front of their home, just enjoying the towns natural beauty; they were so friendly too, nearly everybody I drove past stopped to smile and wave, obviously not in a hurry to get anywhere either. It was the opposite of Starlight Shores; it boasted a natural beauty and its residents didn’t try to boast a bigger better home with more shiny gadgets than their neighbours, everybody seemed so friendly and laid-back they weren't rushing from point A to point B yelling at everybody in their way; I was going to like it there a lot.

When I finally pulled up to the house, I just couldn’t believe it was mine; it was incredible. It stood out from the rest of the houses in town, though it blended so well at the same time, it’s what I had loved about it looking at the pictures online, and like the rest of the town it was even better than the pictures. It felt like home before I even parked the car, I didn’t need any time to adjust, I was just happy to be there; maybe it was just the fact that I knew it was where I was settling down for a very long time because that was what I wanted more than anything. For the most part the twins settled in right away as well, but they did cry sometimes at night for daddy or for one of their aunties or uncles, it was a relief over the next few months as those nights became less frequent, at least the cries for daddy still broke my heart every time, I dreaded the day I really had to explain to them that he just abandoned them and I didn’t know where he was, I knew how’d they’d feel and it wasn’t a good feeling at all.

It did take a while to adjust to a quiet house when the twins were sleeping; I’d never known what it felt like to have that quiet time, it was wonderful but a bit scary at the same time, it just seemed so unnatural at first that I often wondered if something was actually wrong. I tried to make the most of those quiet moments, doing the things I found relaxing to do. Mostly I found that I liked to write in that time, especially about my experiences in moonlight falls, it seemed to help to get it out of my mind and onto paper, like a dairy . I decided at some point I liked that idea; the dairy of girl trapped in another world full of dangerous creatures she never thought could be real.  Nobody would ever believe any of it could be true, but it would be a change from the same old stories of all those spooky creatures going bump in the night. It didn’t really matter if anybody believed it, there were still times I didn’t even believe it, I’d just be happy if it was actually published.

When I was struggling to meet the deadlines I’d set for myself, I would hire a babysitter for the day and take my laptop out to one of the viewing areas, Redwood Park, and work there. I couldn’t ask for better children really, the twins were so quiet and well behaved and great at not bugging mommy when she was writing, but it was still nice to not have to worry looking after them at all for a few hours. I found it easier to write up there; it was just so peaceful and beautiful, so serene, that it was really hard to feel any pressure up there it was easy to just relax and let the words flow. Nobody else ever went up there, though I really didn’t understand why, I liked it that way and it’s what was better about going there than anywhere else. At least there was never anybody else there, until he showed up.


From Farm to Fame- Haylie: Chapter Sixteen

It was weird to be home, almost like it wasn’t really home at all. Perhaps it just seemed so normal compared to the last several months of my life in Moonlight Falls, actually it seemed more normal than anything had since the fire in Twinbrook and it had been years since, definitely more normal than anything since I found out my mother was a vampire and since having my fiancé brought back to life. Those aren’t normal things, or they didn’t feel like they should be, but it did seem normal somehow; like the scary stories we grew up with that I had been living out were normal, and we should be telling our children stories about normal human beings with no special powers, who die and stay dead instead of turning into strange creatures, who play in the sun in the middle of the dead instead of fighting with each other and torturing the weak at night… they would be the scary stories of another world that nobody would ever believe. Perhaps it was just how much had changed since I left. It was clear right from the moment I walked in the front door that almost everything had changed while I was gone. I knew it had, I talked to my siblings over the phone while I was gone, but it was suddenly so real.

Ian was finally finished his training and was working for the police department. He was still living in the house and had been taking care of the twins, but he lived there with his girlfriend. Who also happened to be his partner on the police force. Something about her bothered me, though I couldn’t figure out what; but he seemed happy, happy enough that he wanted to propose to her, so I was happy for him.

Nate had gone off to university to study medicine and follow in dad’s steps. He wanted to work at the children's hospital, and I knew it’d be the perfect place for him. He was such compassionate person, and just like dad it would bring him so much joy to be able to help heal people, it was perfect for him. He had a great sense of humour that could make anybody laugh, and he was great with kids, he’d always be able to make them feel comfortable. He too had found himself a girlfriend at the university, she sounded like a really sweet girl who was just perfect for him. I was especially happy for him, he was so shy especially around women, I’d wondered if he’d be alone forever.

Elizabeth was touring as the opening act for a band that I’d never heard of, and trying to make it in the music world. She had a beautiful voice and a true talent for any instrument she picked up, she would be amazing. I just hoped the rest of the world would see it too, since they don’t always see past the top 40 hits to know what else is really out there. I’d always be her fan, no matter who else was.

Nobody really knew what Merissa was up to, she’d moved in with some guy she met online, and seldom talked to anybody else. Just the occasional call to say hi without really giving away any info about where she was or what she was doing; she was still the one who kept to herself and almost got forgotten about as a result. I worried about her and hoped she’d be okay, wherever she was.

The twins had grown so much, I couldn’t even believe it. I’d missed so much, and I wanted to cry when I first saw them, it hurt to think about how much I missed. Their squeels of excitement shouting “Mommy” as I walked in warmed my heart, but hurt at the same time; I didn’t really understand why they were excited to see me, I’d wondered if they’d even really remember me… they were just so young, and I missed so much that it felt like I’d never really been there at all. It was the cries for daddy that hurt most though; I couldn’t explain it to them even if I could understand it myself. I wanted them to have their daddy, but I didn’t know if I could forgive him either if there ever was an opportunity for us to reconcile. I hated that he just abandoned us, especially them. I wondered what would have happened if my siblings hadn’t been there to watch over them. Would he still just have left them? I couldn’t trust that he wouldn’t. I still hadn’t heard from him or seen him at all, but I heard rumours back at home about how he’d already moved on. That hurt too, I knew though the words had never been said that we were over, it’s what he wanted and it had become what I wanted, but it hurt that he couldn’t even own up to it before moving on.

Starlight shores definitely wasn’t home anymore, it didn’t feel like home. Not that I’d ever liked Starlight Shores, I’d really only stayed for Chase, but almost everything that ever made it tolerable was gone or just too different. So one more time I was leaving. I just wanted to settle down somewhere with my children; somewhere we could be happy and successful. My siblings, for the most part, had accomplished so much with their lives, I hadn’t accomplished anything. I couldn’t just keep wasting my life away, I wanted to settle down and make something of my life; I had to so I could give my daughters a good life. I decided to move to Hidden Springs. It looked beautiful in pictures, and it seemed so calm and peaceful. It would be a nice place for a fresh start.


From Farm to Fame- Haylie: Chapter Fifteen

Note: Please ignore things like vampires who don't look like vampires and anything like that. My game was being highly difficult and useless... I only have the patience to deal with so much. Thank-you.

A room full of supernatural beings, completely oblivious to what was going on; oblivious to the dead body lying in the doorway, oblivious to the guy standing over it, oblivious to the girl about to die. Perhaps they chose to be oblivious, not wanting to risk their own lives, or perhaps they really were so influenced by the alcohol and  lost dancing in their own carefree world that they just could notice anything else. I suspected it was just a choice to avoid it all, I wouldn’t blame them, but either way I wished I could be one of them. There was nothing I could do, I was done for. I know I had accepted death as a possible fate, but staring into its face it was a lot harder to accept. I had to, it was too late, but it was the fate I had to accept either way. Accepting the fate of being trapped was even worse, and I couldn’t wish to undo the desire to be home with my family, but I did wish that I could undo the decision to ever leave in the first place.

I’d learned a lot in Moonlight falls; I’d learned so much about a world that I only ever though was part of our imaginations and the stories we were told growing up, a world I never would have imagined to be real. Ben had become a good friend and I was actually going to miss him, in a different situation I would have cried for his death, but I needed to focus more on any desperate attempts to defend myself. Most importantly I learned a lot about myself, all the things I’d had time to reflect upon and all the mistakes I had made that I didn’t want to repeat, but the most important was how since finding out I was a witch I felt like I'd found a part of myself that had been missing though I hadn't know it was, like that power within me had been fighting to be free, it was what was telling me I needed to go to Moonlight Falls to set it free. I needed to discover that power, and learn about the world that I was part of; even if I didn’t want to be part of it, I couldn’t deny that I was.

He seemed to be waiting for me to make a move, grinning and laughing as I stood in terror trying to figure out what to do. He was enjoying it, and would soak up every minute of my misery and make me suffer, of course it wouldn’t be his style to just kill me quick and get the pain and misery over with. My mind was blank; everything I had learned from all the books I had read, all the spells and techniques, I had forgotten like I’d never even learned it at all. I didn’t know what to do, and it seemed like we would just end up standing there staring at each other forever, when there was some more blurred movement an angry grumble and more blurred movement. He was facing the other way slightly slouched over and seeming out of breath when it stopped, like he had been wounded and was in pain, I could tell somebody was standing on the other side but I could see past him to tell who it was, though what little bit I could make out seemed familiar.

He straightened up, and laughed again in sinister delight. “How sweet, mommy came to protect her precious little girl. Too bad you’re so pathetically weak. Weaker than my father, and as you can see… he didn’t fare well. Now you’ll suffer the same fate, and so will your stupid daughter, you won’t save her, you aren’t the hero. She’s such a careless and irresponsible little thing, why would you protect her anyway? She deserves to die.”

Though it hadn’t been that long since I’d been wishing Mom would actually die, and just go away because I hated her so much, I couldn’t stand there and just watch him kill her like he killed Ben. I hated that Ben had already died, and I couldn’t stand for anybody else to die, especially mom. It was too hard to hate her when I saw how she changed after dad died, vampires didn’t age but she had. It was harder to hate her, when she was there risking her life to save me from the mess I’d gotten myself into, the one she’d warned me about and I ignored the warning for. I’d learned the hard way all the thoughts that go through you mind when you are in such a situation, where your life is something out of a fictional horror story and whatever you decide will affect the people you care about, it’s hard to know what’s the right or wrong choice… or if there is a right choice at all. I understood how in her mind it was the right thing for her to do, though I didn’t agree it was, she had honestly believed it was. I couldn’t just let her die, I couldn’t lose my mother all over again, and especially not when it was just starting to feel like she actually was a mother.

Everything flooded back into my mind, and I could feel my power building and rushing through me. I raised my hands ready to release a blast of fire. I knew how it would go, it was the plan Ben and I were supposed to follow but in reverse; I would use everything I had to kill one part of him, he’d kill me while I was weak and vulnerable. It was time to accept that I had to die, because as scary as it was it was better than accepting the alternative.

My focus was broken as she yelled at me.“Haylie, stop. I didn’t come to help you so you can die. If one of us is going to die it’s going to be me.”

I could barely get words out to respond, I knew her decision was made already. So was mine, it only mattered who was faster, and it was unlikely to be me. “Mom… no…”

It was too late, there was more blurred movement and many grumbles, groans, and growls. I closed my eyes, though I couldn’t tell what was happening anyway, I just couldn’t handle seeing the aftermath. I just kept them closed. Even when all the noise stopped and things seemed calm again, I wouldn’t open them. I’d hold on to the belief  for as long as I could that in some strange turn of events mom would be okay, and Nicholai would be wounded and crippled easy to kill. I didn't want to see the truth shatter my hopeful dream.

I could hear how pained and defeated he was in his voice when he challenged me, his voice was so rough I imagined even talking was too much of a strain. He would no longer be hard to beat. “Now it’s your turn… you won’t be much of a challenge you can’t even handle facing what’s going on…” 

I still wouldn’t open my eyes but followed the voice as I aimed my spell, which only seemed to be getting stronger the more upset I got, determined to get revenge for Ben and Mom. Every bit of power I had I used, and I didn’t break the spell until I started to wobble and feel dizzy from the strain. Nothing but complete silence surrounded me for several minutes; no drunken rambling from around the room, no chairs sliding as people left their tables for the dance floor, no sinister laughing or taunting from Nicholai. Just complete silence.

I opened my eyes, 3 bodies were limp and lifeless on the floor, and several more stood watching me in shock before erupting into a series of cheers and claps. I was the hero to a whole town of people who suffered under Nicholai's reign of terror, and I didn’t even care, I didn’t feel like a hero. I’d gotten what I wanted, I could go home, but I didn’t feel happy about it because it didn’t change that two beings I cared for were dead; and it didn’t change that my fiancé hated me, and wouldn’t be home when I got there… it was just another loss. I got what I wanted, but what had it cost me?


From Farm to Fame: Haylie- Chapter Fourteen

It wasn’t uncommon that I would fall asleep on the sofa while reading the spell book I had found, and trying out a couple spells from it. I didn’t feel like I was learning anything, and spells seemed to be increasingly draining, even the simple one were starting to be too much to handle. I had learned to summon my power without the use of a wand but merely my hands, it drew more power but it seemed to draw too much. I knew I’d need to train to use it that way if I wanted to win against Ben’s son, but I didn’t see how I was ever going to be strong enough. Ben insisted I would get there, but I didn’t believe it.

Most times when I fell asleep, I woke up tucked in under a pile of blankets with my book shut and resting nicely on the table. Occasionally he gently woke me if I’d been asleep for a long time, just to see if I was still okay or if I was hungry or anything. I actually preferred when he woke me, though if the situation was different it would have been extremely annoying even if the concern was really sweet, time spent sleeping was time to study and train wasted. He did wake me one day insistent that I was too overwhelmed and needed to relax a bit. “Hey sleeping beauty, wake up...”

“What time is it?”

“About 5, you’ve been sleeping since 3 in the morning…”

“In the evening? Why do you let me sleep so long?”

“You need it. You also need to go do something fun for a bit, take a break.”

“I just had a 14 hour break, I think my break is over. I don’t have time for breaks anyway. I’m missing everything… I just have to get this over with so I can go home.” I had received a couple shaky videos take from cellphones of the twins wobbly first steps from my siblings, who had suddenly become the ones to take care of them after Chase took off without saying a word to anybody, he hadn’t spoken to me weeks either… not since I’d told him I was stuck in Moonlight Falls with Ben. I wasn’t supposed to miss their first steps, and I hated it. Maya had spoken her first words before I left so I hadn’t missed those, but Ericka hadn’t and I didn’t want to miss those either.  Their first birthdays far too close, and I knew chances were slim I’d be home by then even if things went well, but I had to try.

“So, what’s another hour or two? You need a break. You’re wearing yourself out, it’s why you’re getting weaker, you’re too stressed and worn out. I know you want to go home, and I admire your determination and dedication… they’ll help you greatly, but you need to find a balance. Right now you’re just hurting yourself, and that’s not going to help you go home. Now come on, let me take you out for a bit… please?”

“I don’t actually have a choice, do I?”

He shook his “No, you really don’t.”

“Then I guess I have to say yes, don’t I?”

“Yes, good, let’s go.”

He apologized as we walked into a very dark club and ominous looking club about 30 minutes later. I imagined it seemed cozy to a vampire, but I wasn’t fond of it. “Sorry, there aren’t really any better options; this town isn’t designed for nice girls like you… most of the residents are far more sinister. The night-life represents that a bit… there’s better places in the day. If you drink enough, it’s not so bad.”

“Uh…” I was going tell him I didn’t really drink, I still regretted the last time when I got drunk, but there didn’t seem to be any point in protesting. “Never mind.”

“I thought it’d be harder to convince you to drink than that, you seem too boring and good to drink. I’m impressed.” He smiled teasingly at me as we sat down, before turning around to order from the bartender.
I glanced around the club, noticing how empty it was. It was just Ben, the Bartender, and I. It seemed weird, but I realized it probably wasn’t quite late enough for all the supernatural beings to be out yet, they thrived on the light of the moon, and the sun hadn’t yet set. 

After the club filled up a bit, and a couple drinks to loosen up I headed out to dance with the crowd for a bit, it seemed better than just sitting there. I tried to convince Ben to join me but he laughed, shook his head, and ordered another drink; it didn’t surprise me, I couldn’t actually imagine him dancing in a club.

It was fun, and nice not to worry about anything for a little while. It didn’t even seem like such a sinister place with the upbeat music blasting through it. It seemed like only a few minutes had passed when Ben pulled me away. “We’re going. Now.” I could tell he was angry about something, I assumed it was something I had done, but I couldn’t figure out what I had done.

“Why?” I didn’t bother protesting as he dragged me along, I knew he was serious about whatever it was and it would do no good… but I was already scared of his anger.

He didn’t respond, but I knew when a figure whizzed in front of us and blocked the exit. I knew looking at the face. I could see the resemblance to his father, though he must have looked more like his mother, the resemblance was too much to deny they were related.

Ben stepped in front to shield me. I didn’t feel any safer. Being that close to him terrified me, I wasn’t ready to fight him yet, and he somehow looked even more dangerous and more powerful than I had imagined. I just wanted to run away, and avoid him for a while longer, but I couldn’t. Even his voice sounded sinister, like he would kill me then and there. “Hello father. Do you mind stepping aside for a moment? I’d like to talk to your friend.”

“Leave her alone.”

“It’s not a choice, step aside. You know what I do to those who disobey me, you won't be an exception just because you're my father.”

“It's not a choice whether you leave her alone or not.” He lunged forward, but the rest happened so fast that I don’t really know what happened. A lot of blurry movements, and some flashes of light, and Ben laid lifeless on the floor. His son seemed completely unharmed, and proud of himself as looked me. I didn’t know what to do, I’d just watched him kill his own father in mere seconds, and he was moving closer to me. I had nowhere to go, no escape. I had to think of something, fast.


From Farm to Fame: Haylie- Chapter Thirteen

I hoped I’d be able to avoid Ben the next morning, I knew he would figure out that I still wanted to fight anyway, and he would only try talking me out of it again; and he scared me. Avoiding him didn’t last long, not that I had actually expected it too, as he was already standing in the kitchen when I walked in, staring out the window. I’d barely walked in to the room, and certainly hadn’t even said as much as hi to him when he started to speak, he didn’t even turn around to face me. “Many many years ago, I met a witch. She was beautiful, the most beautiful woman I’d ever met. She was smart; she knew more than I’d learned in 1,000 years of life. She made me chase her, and work for her… She wanted me to prove I was worth it, that I’d fight for her. I wasn’t and I wouldn’t; I just wanted her for her power, I was determined to have that power on my side, together we would be unstoppable. She wanted marriage and a family...the things nice girls want, I didn’t, but I gave her what she wanted so she wouldn’t leave. When our son was born he was born as a hybrid; a witch like her, and a vampire like me.”

“and that’s this mysterious stranger…” I wasn’t sure what had prompted him to just share his story that way, but it scared me, and fascinated me at the same time. It wasn’t something I had expected.

He turned around finally, almost looking ashamed. “Yes. The rest of the supernatural world was terrified when they found out, his power would be unstoppable, unless they all fought together to kill him…and us. She being as brave as she was stood up for us and fought. I took my son, my pride and joy, and ran. I was proud of what he was, and I was going to train him to live the way I wanted, to use his powers to his advantage and make the rest of the world obey his every command….to prove himself as part of the supreme race, better than. I left her to fight on her own while we ran… I didn’t defend her, I let her die. It was only when she was gone that I missed her beauty, her intelligence, and for some reason I couldn’t understand, her kindness and how she did everything to make something in the world better…other than loving me of course, that was her weakness and her mistake, but she didn’t know... she believed I was good. I’d wanted her for her power, but I’d grown to love her, I just couldn’t realize it the way I was. I failed her, and I’ve never forgiven myself, I promised I’d change my ways and try to live life the way she did. You remind me of her. You have so much power and you’ll learn how to use it easily, because you’re smart like she was; your desire to fight for family, including that fiancé that you only see the good in because you think with your heart before your brain. I don’t want the similarities to continue to your death. I’ll protect you like I should have protected her, but I can’t let you fight, it’s too risky even if you had help. I can’t watch you die, I can’t watch her die all over again.”

“You want to protect me, or you want to protect your son?”

“I won’t support him anymore; it was long before he became a monster set on making the world miserable that I changed my ways. I didn’t teach him to be that way, I tried to teach him better and he made his choice. I don’t support that choice. I’m not that way anymore.”

“I just can’t imagine protecting a complete stranger before my own children.”

“Your children haven’t killed anybody, it changes things. Not that I’m happy about any of it. I hate having a son that I don’t even want to know, I hate that his choices in life are the reason for that, and I really hate that those choices were ones I made at one point in my life.  I tried to teach him better, but it still feels like it’s my fault… that it runs our genes and instead of getting the good from his mother he got the bad from me.”

“I think on some level you want to protect him. I see it in your eyes, when you talk about him, I see the hurt. There’s something that still cares, and that hopes someday he’ll change too.”

“Perhaps, but I’d still rather protect the ones who deserve it. Especially you, and I really don’t want you to try fighting him. Please don’t.”

“I have too. It’s my obligation to my family. It’s so I don’t lose them, you lost her because you didn’t fight when you should have; I know this isn’t the same situation, but I need to fight so I don’t lose them. Please understand that.”

He nodded slowly, and I knew he understood. “Well, I guess we need a plan then don’t we?”


“You’re not fighting him alone. I thought we already went over the fact that you can’t win alone. You need somebody else. Somebody who is not a witch, so while you kill one part of him, the vampire, they kill the other.”

“I though witches were vulnerable to vampires…so wouldn’t it be less effective for me to kill the vampire part of him, wouldn’t it be stronger than my power?”

“No. It’s complicated. Witches are vulnerable to vampires in some ways, but vampires are vulnerable to witches in others. Every being is most vulnerable to a different kind of being, more than they are to their own kind. You just have to know how to manipulate that. For example, vampires are extremely vulnerable to fire, witches have the ability to create fire. That’s what you’ll need to do. What I need to do, I still haven’t figured out; I know how to kill him, but it’s figuring out the right steps in the right order at the right time.”

“You’re really willing to kill you own son? I mean, even with the choices he’s made, even if…”

He cut me off. “Yes, I am. I promise you I am on your side, whatever it takes. Now, just worry about eating your breakfast. We can talk more later, and I can start trying to figure out a plan in the meantime. Right now, try not to worry about any of it.” He started to walk away, but yelled back as he walked through the doorway. “Call your fiancé too, he’s been calling you all night.”

Even with how upset I’d been that I wasn’t going to see my family for some unknown amount of time, I’d forgotten to call, and I was supposed to have gone home the night before. Though I didn’t know how I was going to explain it anyway, I felt bad for not calling.

I called after eating, Chase didn’t pick up until the last ring before the phone went to voicemail, which would have been a relief. It was a conversation I would have loved to avoid for as long as possible, I knew it wouldn’t go over well. “Good to know you’re alive. Where are you?”

“Moonlight Falls…”

I wasn’t sure he’d ever been angry with me before, but I could tell he was angry. “You were supposed to be home last night, why are you still there? And why didn’t you call? I’ve been worrying all night about you.”

“I can’t leave. I’m stuck here. I tried to leave, there’s some spell on the town so that nobody can leave.”

“I told you it was a bad idea to go at all.”

“I know, and if I’d know this was going to happen I wouldn’t have, but I didn’t. Please don’t be mad, I didn’t know this would happen.”

“I really don’t care. I just care about what I’m supposed to do now. I can’t just raise our children here alone, while your own stupidity has gotten you stuck in Moonlight Falls.”

“Please stop yelling. I already hate this. I already hate that I don’t know when I’ll get to see you or my children again. I hate that some vampire/witch hybrid probably wants me dead and has some stupid fairy following me. I hate that I’m stuck in some guys house…” I never got to finish before I heard a thudding noise and the phone cut out, it sounded like Chase had thrown his phone at the wall. I felt like an idiot when I thought about what I had just said. I’d be upset hearing something like that too, and it hadn’t helped that he was already upset. I just hoped I’d be able to email him or something later after he had a chance to calm down and explain. I really couldn’t stand the thought of him being mad at me, or of things being worse than they already were, but I didn’t know what I’d do if he wouldn’t let me finish explaining and if he wouldn’t forgive me.


From Farm to Fame: Haylie- Chapter Twelve

Cora spent the morning watching his house, waving and laughing whenever I went to look out the window. It made me terrified to leave his house, but I was terrified to be there too. He seemed harmless enough, but I still didn't know why he was watching me at the park, and I still didn't know what he was really up to. I’d already learned his fridge was full of blood, which repulsed me, even though I hadn't expected him to have any human food. I was hungry, but too scared to leave the house to get food. Cora had to leave eventually, I’d go then.

I was relieved when he walked into the house, it was so massive and strange and it had felt so desperately lonely, even if I wasn't completely convinced he was the good guy his presence still made it far more welcoming. He carried with him a couple bags full of groceries. “I didn't know what you like to eat, or what humans usually like to eat. So I hope it’s all okay, but I thought you might prefer human food to blood anyway. If it’s really that bad I can take you to the store later, I just didn't want to wake you.”

I followed him to the kitchen, to help him put everything away. It still repulsed me to look in the fridge, but I wasn't in a position to be too fussy or inconsiderate. “ I'm sure it’s fine…. I'm not that fussy, thank-you. I could have gone myself though, I mean I appreciate it either way, but you don’t have to shop for me.”

“I don’t mind. I don’t want you to leave this house alone anyway. I’d rather you don’t leave it at all, but I realize it’s unlikely to get you to co-operate about that anyway.”

“Since when does your opinion count? I don't even know who you are.”

“ I'm Ben, and I'm just trying to look after you. Moonlight Falls is a dangerous place, and I knew immediately there was something special about you. I finally figured out what, but I knew I needed to protect you. Something about you draws more attention than most, and of course that will draw more attention from those who want to hurt you too.”

“Why does it matter to you? You don’t know me any better than I know you. So why am I so special that you need to protect me.”

“I know you very well actually.”

“Oh really? Prove it.” I didn't know how he could know anything about me, since we’d only met the night before, but I started to wonder if he’d been stalking me. It wasn't too much of a stretch when I thought about him watching me at the park.

“You are a Ms. Haylie Kiro, daughter of Rachelle and Carlos.” I went to interrupt him and I must've made an expression to reflect my horror at having Carlos mentioned as being my father, or at all, because Ben held up his hand to stop me from saying anything. “It’s true, like it or not, and it’s important…. But we'll discuss that later. I do realize you view the man, Gaige, who raised you as your father. It doesn't change your genetics. Anyway, let’s see how much more I can get. You have a twin brother, Ian…along with your half siblings; Nate, Merissa, and Elizabeth. You also have twin daughters Ericka and Maya, with fiancé Chase Cwik. Hobbies include writing and painting, which are also career aspirations. Born in Bridgeport, raised mainly in Twinbrook, and residing in Starlight Shores… if you weren't stuck here of course. Took advanced classes in school, and still managed to have a perfect average… quite impressive, you'll get far in life someday. Do you need any more, I could get into the really small and really personal details?”

“No, that’s okay, I think that’s already creepy enough. How do you know all that?”

“After 2,000 years of practice, it becomes quite easy to read everything about a person.”

“That’s still creepy, but can we can we get to why it’s important who my father is? I'd love to know why his existence is important at all, because it certainly seems like he's nothing but a waste of space on the planet.”

“Obviously you know that he’s a very bad person.” I nodded, I wouldn't even have been alive he was a good person and had left mom alone. “Well, he comes the most powerful families of witches; however he had his power taken away after abusing it so much…which really take a lot in the supernatural world. Anyway, he may have had his power taken away, but that doesn't mean it can’t still be passed on. You were born with that power, a power everybody thought was lost. You are the most powerful witch in the world now, or you will be, if you learn how to use that power. This is why Cora is out there right now, and why she won’t leave you alone. He knows this about you, and he knows you could be a threat to him. He’s still more powerful as long as he can remain a vampire and a witch, you cannot defeat both at once, not alone. You stand a chance of defeating him however; with a lot of practice, and the help of another powerful supernatural being, something other than a witch. Of course either way there's still a chance you'd lose. Power isn't everything. It's a crucial component, but not the only one.”

“I think I’d know if I was a witch.”

“Not necessarily, since that power was taken from your father, it was not passed on as an active power and nothing ever provoked it to become active living in the natural human world. It is however what sparked your desire to come here, whether that power is active or not you are still a witch. You are still a part of this world. It’s that power longing to become active.”

“And what do I do now? How do I make this power active?”

“Start using it.” He reached in his pocket and pulled out a wand holding it towards me. “Go ahead, just flick it around a bit. Later we can find you a proper wand and some spell books, a wand I can’t pick for you. For now however, it might do you well just to see how it feels to use your power…. get used to it a bit.”

I hesitantly took the wand, I wasn't sure I wanted to be a witch. They were fascinating, and it seemed they could solve and do anything with the flick of a wand, I just wasn't sure I wanted the responsibility. I hesitated again before starting to flick it around, but it felt amazing when I did. Energy charged through my whole body and shot out of the wand in a display of light and sparkles. It felt so amazing and so natural, that I couldn't believe I’d lived my whole life so far not even knowing that power was inside me, just being wasted. 

I found him later, after I'd gotten bored of just flicking around a wand. I wanted to learn spells, I want to learn how to defend myself and how to fight. I tried to sleep and wait for the stores to open the next day, but I couldn't. I had too much on my mind. He sat on the sofa in the living room, seemingly lost in thought. "So what do we do now anyway?"

He jumped slightly, which surprised me. I never imagined a vampire being easily startled. "Nothing."

"What do you mean nothing?  I want to fight this guy."

"You're not fighting him. I just wanted to help you bring out your power. Nothing more. It's still not safe for you to fight him. There's still a chance you'll lose, and that means you die."

"I have nothing else to lose. I'm trapped here away from my family. If there's anyway I get out of here to see them again, I'm going to go for it. Everything that matters in my life is trapped on the other side of this guys stupid barrier spell. If I fight him and win, I get to see my family again. If I die, I don't have to live with the pain of living without them. I don't care. I may have been scared earlier, but I'm not any more, not when I know what I can fight for."

"No. You're not fighting him. End of story. I won't let you."

"How are you going to stop me."

His eyes glowed as they stared straight into mine. I wanted to look away but couldn't. He was firm when he spoke, intimidating even."You may be powerful for a witch, but I'm powerful for a vampire, and witches are vulnerable to vampires. I can make you do whatever I want, and you'll never give it a thought." His eye's returned to normal and seemed to calm down a bit.

"Why do you care so much what happens to me? You can't be this obsessed with protecting me simply because I'm a witch with a target on her back."

"I'm going to bed. Goodnight." I couldn't figure out why he would avoid the question, but tried not to worry too much about it. I was going to fight, somehow, and that was all I needed to worry about.


From Farm to Fame: Haylie- Chapter Eleven

It was strange how I wouldn’t stay for Chase, or stay because of mom’s advice, but just looking at the twins innocent faces as they slept so peacefully and comfortably in the safety of their own cribs, I knew I had to stay for them. It took them all of one second to undo the whole decision that nobody had been able to undo in hours of arguing. I still felt that Moonlight Falls was somewhere I had to be, but I knew that I needed to be with my children more, and they needed to be where they were safe.

I wouldn’t move to Moonlight Falls, that was out of the question, but I still had to go. So I decided to go just for a weekend, a couple days when I could leave the twins at home with Chase, who refused to ever go anyway. I didn’t think it would ever be enough time, but it was better than not getting a chance to ever experience it at all. Surely I’d find more weekends to go anyway, by the time I got there I missed my family so much that I knew those wouldn’t be too frequent, but maybe once or twice a year. I didn’t think I’d learn or experience everything it had to offer, in only two days.

Immediately I noticed that there seemed to be no life during the day, which made sense as the supernatural beings were the same creatures that had been behind all the bump in the night noises as I was growing up, or so I had thought at the time anyway. They were the creatures dad had to chase out from under the bed after Ian told me scary stories. They were the creatures in the terrifying stories I told to my younger siblings as I made scary faces into a flashlight in the tree house late at night. Everything I’d known about them indicated that they were all beings who thrived on the light of the moon, and while I was already learning so much of what I had heard or said from all those stories growing up was wrong, it was the one thing that had seemed too consistent and logical to be wrong.

I decided to spend the day at the local library, reading about the history of the town which certainly looked like it had a lot of rich history, and the history of all the creatures that lived in it. I looked at spell books, though I’d never be able to put any of the spells to use, it was interesting and somewhat terrifying to see what witches could do just by waving a wand and chanting a couple of words. The most interesting to me was the witches: their history, their hidden strength, how easily they could pass for a normal human being. I was thoroughly enjoying reading about them, when I was interrupted by a shrill laugh. I looked up to see a fairy. She was beautiful, vibrant purple wings and skin that was almost pure white, her eyes popped in the same brilliant shade of purple as her wings. I hadn’t read much about fairies yet, but she looked like she belonged in some sort of Disney fairy-tale to aid in that perfect happy ending. “Hmm….fresh meat…. He’s going to love this.” She continued to laugh, as an expression of sinister delight spread across her face.

Already I was scared, how was it possible for something so beautiful to inflict so much fear. “Who’s he?”
“You’ll see soon enough, when he’s ready for you. Enjoy your time here while you can...” She laughed again as she flew away.

I was tempted to run away before he could find me, whoever he was. I was scared, but I still had so much to learn, that I would never learn by running away. I had already accepted the fact that I might encounter some danger while I was there, and while it wasn’t my favourite thing to thing to think about I just had to keep going and accept it like I already had, how was I to know it wasn’t an empty threat anyway, or just a little scheme for the fairy to amuse herself?

I still tried not to think about it at all as I continued to explore the town, though it became harder as the sun set, and the town started to spring to life.  I was lucky, or unlucky, that it happened to be the full moon. The park was full of supernatural life, and I sat down on a bench just to watch it all. The werewolves ran about in their wolf form, often pausing to watch me before carrying about what they were already doing. Zombies glared at me before limping over to tear apart plants. A couple fairies stood in a corner laughing and pointing occasionally at me. A couple witches fought each other but ignored the world around them. None of it seemed too scary, and it slowly became harder to even be scared of the fairy or the mysterious being she spoke of, though it was fascinating to watch either way. They seemed so normal, yet so different. They didn’t seem to be at war with each other, even the witches dueling seemed to be just challenging each other as humans would in a game of chess; they were just content to live their own lives in their own way.

I only felt scared again when I stood up and turned around. Standing under a tree, and glaring at me from between the branches, stood a vampire. I wondered if it was him, he seemed mysterious enough, and his glare sent chills down my spine. I wondered how long he’d been there, and if he had anything to do with none of the other beings going after me, were they scared of him too? It was then that I ran, something told me I had to, that if I didn’t he would kill me. It wasn’t a little bit of danger, it was life or death, and I still had a family to make it home to.

Never before had I sped, but I sped as fast as my car would go, determined to get outside of the city limits and into a safe zone. I sped until it just stopped moving forward. It didn’t seem like anything was wrong with the car, but like something was blocking it. I couldn’t imagine what it would be and figured I had to be losing my mind, but I got out of the car to look anyway. I heard a familiar laugh behind me as I did so, shrill and annoying, I turned around knowing it would be the same fairy from the library. She shook her head at me. “Stupid human.”

“Excuse me?”

“You can’t get out of here. Nobody can, he doesn’t approve of anybody leaving.”

“I have to get out of here, I have a family to get home to.”

“Rules are rules, stupid human.” She shrunk down to be about the size of a bug, and fluttered around my head snickering and singing “You can’t get out... You can’t get out...”

I tried swatting at her wondering if I could squish her like a bug, but a voice that I couldn’t see to place called out, “Cora, Stop it.” and she returned back her full-sized form before I could catch her. 

“You always spoil the fun.” She whined.

“Good.” He stepped out finally so I could see him. It was the same vampire from the park, though he looked slightly less intense and intimidating when he wasn’t glaring at me. I still felt kind of scared of him, and almost wished he leave me alone with Cora, she scared me less. “I’m sorry about her.”

He didn’t look at me but gave her the same intense gaze he had given me at the park, until she fluttered away, but not before adding. “He’ll be looking for her anyway. I don’t need to waste my time with her.”

His expression softened again as he turned back to me. “Don’t worry about her, she just likes to play games. I’m not sure she ever knows what she’s talking about even.”

“I hope this means that was wrong about the fact that I can’t get out of here?”

“Sorry, no.”

“Why not?”

“It’s a long story, but some jerk has placed a spell on the town to keep everybody from leaving.”

“Who is this guy?”

“He won’t let you out, if that's why you want to know, trying will only get yourself killed. He’s a vampire and a witch, there is nobody in the world with more power, and nobody who opposes him ever survives. Which is why he can get away with it.”

“What am I supposed to do then? I have to get out of here.”

He didn’t respond but stood perfectly still looking very serious, until I started to cry. I was never going to get the answer I wanted, and I was never going to find a way out, and I’d never see my family again. I remember him tugging me along as I cried, and I remember waking up tucked nicely in a bed that was not the bed at the hotel, in house that was abnormally quiet. I wandered around looking for him, I still hadn’t learned his name, or if I had I’d forgotten already, but I couldn’t find him anywhere. I was alone in the house of some vampire that still scared me slightly, in a town full of creatures that could kill me, and I couldn’t leave.