From Farm to Fame: Haylie- Chapter Two

I dreaded having to show dad my report card, I failed everything and I knew he'd freak out. Especially since he was already mad at me, and had already promised that he wasn't going to put up with any more, the next time he had to punish me it would be a lot worse than a grounding. I really didn't want to know what that was, being grounded sucked enough even though I laughed at the idea at first. I wasn't just grounded to the house, which wouldn't have mattered since I didn't leave anyway, I was grounded to my room with all my paint supplies and my laptop take away from me. I got to stare at the wall. I knew part of it was punishment and part of it was an attempt to force me into talking to him, he was still trying to get me to do so it just always ended the same way. I just took it as a challenge. I'd stay out after school, or sneak out at night, I wasn't going to be punished because he wouldn't respect my wishes and leave me alone or for hating Starlight Shores. I knew it wasn't right since he was only trying to help, but I was still annoyed enough that I wanted to annoy him as well.

I waited until everybody else had shown him their report cards and gone about their own business. I didn't really want them watching when he yelled at me but I was also hoping yelling at Merissa would wear him out, but even she did well enough to please him. I was doomed. It took a moment for him to say anything...or yell as the case was, he was too shocked, I'd never received a failing grade before. Ever. "I've had it! This is unacceptable, you can do better. I don't care if you hate it here, that is no excuse for your behaviour. I've tried to help you and you won't let me, this is nothing but an attitude. An attitude I'm not going to deal with. You're going to boarding school, maybe you'll listen there."

I don't really know what I had expected, but it definitely hadn't been boarding school, which really seemed to be an over reaction. I know I'd been a brat, but boarding school, really? "What?! That's not fair."

"I've been plenty fair with you. Obviously that didn't do very much."

"But boarding school? I'll fix my grades, I'll do whatever you say, just don't send me to boarding school. Please. Just give me one more chance to prove myself."

"You've had too many chances already. You can stop right now, my decision is final. You're still grounded as well. You can go to your room."

"I hate you! This is stupid."

"Good for you."

"ARG!" I stomped to my room and slammed the door behind me as hard as I could. I was tempted to just run away, nothing could be worse than boarding school, but I decided after I calmed down a bit that I would prove to him why he shouldn't send me to boarding school. Surely it would take a bit of time for them to receive and accept a registration, I could prove myself in that time. I would.

I couldn't. Though it wasn't for a lack of trying. Dad just wasn't convinced that it would last, he knew it was just a desperate attempt change his mind even though I tried to convince him I'd keep it up if he did. I did have to admit than in my attempts to prove myself I started to like Starlight Shores, it still didn't feel like home, but I didn't hate it. I'd even made a couple friends in the short time I had, perhaps I needed to be more open to the move from the start... perhaps I'd just inflicted all my misery on myself. I hated that I was just starting to figure that out as I was running out of time. I cried as walked out to the car waiting to take me away, though I tried to hold it back because I knew dad was watching. It still didn't seem fair, but I knew there was no changing it and crying was no use, it was just something I couldn't help.