From Farm to Fame: Haylie- Intro

I enjoyed the mornings where we would all sit around the table and eat breakfast together sharing our plans for the day and  stories of the day before, it was similar to the way most families sat around the table and ate dinner together sharing their stories from the day and plans for the next. I knew some people found it strange, they were used to mornings being when everybody was groggy and grumpy and nobody wanted to talk to each other, and their days ran from 9 to 5, to them that was what was normal and people are not known to accept anything different from the views of normal. The truth was, the busy always on the go lifestyle was becoming increasingly common, it just meant that most families in the same situation didn't bother to find any time at all to spend together. I couldn't imagine not spending that time with my family, letting them fall further out of my life with each day I ignored them... they meant far too much for that.

Ian, my twin brother, and I were especially close. He was the only one with the same biological father as me, not that he was somebody either of us cared to know. He had been the one that killed our mother, after his years of torturing her, and drugging her to get his way with her... which was the only reason we were ever born. It was just a connection we shared with each other, that we didn't share with anybody else, and our feelings about it only something we could share with each other because nobody else could understand. While his resemblance to our biological father caused everybody outside of the house to fear him, I knew what he was really like, and I'd be surprised if he could even hurt a fly. He wanted to become a police officer to help keep the streets safe from creeps like our biological father, with his dedication to his studies and athletic training there was no doubt that he could he handle it.

Nate, who was the oldest of my half siblings, was very shy and quiet preferring to keep to himself most of the time. I remembered his incredibly imaginative mind from reading him to sleep when he was a child, it usually just gave him more energy as he tried to help me read and ended up going into his own story acting out the roles of various characters. He would always have that incredible imagination, he just toned it back in his teens. As a result of his incredible imagination he also had a great sense of humor, whenever somebody was upset about something he was the one to cheer them up and make them laugh. He was a fun person to be around, when he felt like being around people, and would probably have a lot more friends if he wasn't too afraid to.

Elizabeth was outgoing and friendly, her personality was infectious and she had way too many friends to count. If she wasn't at a friends house, she had a friend or a few friends at our house. She never missed a party, or the chance to throw a party. She was also had an incredible talent for the piano, the music she played was music that came from the heart and the emotion she put into it made it so powerful and beautiful. We loved to gather around the fireplace and listen to her play, as individuals or as a family, it made for a nice relaxing atmosphere.

Merissa was the total opposite of her twin sister Elizabeth. She preferred video games and television to hanging out with friends, all her friends were people she talked to online and had never met in real life. She seemed to have no desire to apply any efforts to real life, and her and dad were aways fighting about her grades. She was the one in the family that got forgotten a lot, it wasn't that we wanted to or that we loved her any less, it was just easy to forget her when she spent so much time off to the side in her own little world.

Dad, actually my step-dad, I just called him dad because he was the only one who ever acted like a father, and being passed between foster families for 3 years I had seen a lot of sad attempts to fill that fatherly role. I was extremely grateful to him for taking me in and raising me like his own, giving me a chance to have a real father especially since I didn't get to have a mother. I often wondered if he was lonely without mom, he never seemed to move on, it was sad and sweet at the same time. It was sad to think of him with anyone but mom, I'd seen the pictures of them together and they looked so happy, but he was also such a sweet guy you couldn't help wanting him to be happy. He seemed happy enough, but I always wondered how he really felt about it. I wondered if all the time he spent at the hospital was about more than wanting to help out, but about trying to distract himself from the loneliness.

Of course, I was the busiest one in the family, so as I ramble on about how much I love them and squeezing in that precious time with them whenever possible, I realize how stupid it sounds for me to be the one never around. I was in the art and newspaper clubs, worked at the graveyard in the evenings, and had a boyfriend I had to find time for. When I was home I was working on homework (all my courses were advanced placement, and the homework was intense), writing my novel, or painting. Everybody, especially dad, tried to convince me to cut back before I wore myself out, but it was too boring to sit around letting my mind rot away.

That had all been before the fire anyway, nothing seemed to be the same after the fire, it had stolen life as I knew it.