From Farm to Fame: Haylie- Chapter Eleven

It was strange how I wouldn’t stay for Chase, or stay because of mom’s advice, but just looking at the twins innocent faces as they slept so peacefully and comfortably in the safety of their own cribs, I knew I had to stay for them. It took them all of one second to undo the whole decision that nobody had been able to undo in hours of arguing. I still felt that Moonlight Falls was somewhere I had to be, but I knew that I needed to be with my children more, and they needed to be where they were safe.

I wouldn’t move to Moonlight Falls, that was out of the question, but I still had to go. So I decided to go just for a weekend, a couple days when I could leave the twins at home with Chase, who refused to ever go anyway. I didn’t think it would ever be enough time, but it was better than not getting a chance to ever experience it at all. Surely I’d find more weekends to go anyway, by the time I got there I missed my family so much that I knew those wouldn’t be too frequent, but maybe once or twice a year. I didn’t think I’d learn or experience everything it had to offer, in only two days.

Immediately I noticed that there seemed to be no life during the day, which made sense as the supernatural beings were the same creatures that had been behind all the bump in the night noises as I was growing up, or so I had thought at the time anyway. They were the creatures dad had to chase out from under the bed after Ian told me scary stories. They were the creatures in the terrifying stories I told to my younger siblings as I made scary faces into a flashlight in the tree house late at night. Everything I’d known about them indicated that they were all beings who thrived on the light of the moon, and while I was already learning so much of what I had heard or said from all those stories growing up was wrong, it was the one thing that had seemed too consistent and logical to be wrong.

I decided to spend the day at the local library, reading about the history of the town which certainly looked like it had a lot of rich history, and the history of all the creatures that lived in it. I looked at spell books, though I’d never be able to put any of the spells to use, it was interesting and somewhat terrifying to see what witches could do just by waving a wand and chanting a couple of words. The most interesting to me was the witches: their history, their hidden strength, how easily they could pass for a normal human being. I was thoroughly enjoying reading about them, when I was interrupted by a shrill laugh. I looked up to see a fairy. She was beautiful, vibrant purple wings and skin that was almost pure white, her eyes popped in the same brilliant shade of purple as her wings. I hadn’t read much about fairies yet, but she looked like she belonged in some sort of Disney fairy-tale to aid in that perfect happy ending. “Hmm….fresh meat…. He’s going to love this.” She continued to laugh, as an expression of sinister delight spread across her face.

Already I was scared, how was it possible for something so beautiful to inflict so much fear. “Who’s he?”
“You’ll see soon enough, when he’s ready for you. Enjoy your time here while you can...” She laughed again as she flew away.

I was tempted to run away before he could find me, whoever he was. I was scared, but I still had so much to learn, that I would never learn by running away. I had already accepted the fact that I might encounter some danger while I was there, and while it wasn’t my favourite thing to thing to think about I just had to keep going and accept it like I already had, how was I to know it wasn’t an empty threat anyway, or just a little scheme for the fairy to amuse herself?

I still tried not to think about it at all as I continued to explore the town, though it became harder as the sun set, and the town started to spring to life.  I was lucky, or unlucky, that it happened to be the full moon. The park was full of supernatural life, and I sat down on a bench just to watch it all. The werewolves ran about in their wolf form, often pausing to watch me before carrying about what they were already doing. Zombies glared at me before limping over to tear apart plants. A couple fairies stood in a corner laughing and pointing occasionally at me. A couple witches fought each other but ignored the world around them. None of it seemed too scary, and it slowly became harder to even be scared of the fairy or the mysterious being she spoke of, though it was fascinating to watch either way. They seemed so normal, yet so different. They didn’t seem to be at war with each other, even the witches dueling seemed to be just challenging each other as humans would in a game of chess; they were just content to live their own lives in their own way.

I only felt scared again when I stood up and turned around. Standing under a tree, and glaring at me from between the branches, stood a vampire. I wondered if it was him, he seemed mysterious enough, and his glare sent chills down my spine. I wondered how long he’d been there, and if he had anything to do with none of the other beings going after me, were they scared of him too? It was then that I ran, something told me I had to, that if I didn’t he would kill me. It wasn’t a little bit of danger, it was life or death, and I still had a family to make it home to.

Never before had I sped, but I sped as fast as my car would go, determined to get outside of the city limits and into a safe zone. I sped until it just stopped moving forward. It didn’t seem like anything was wrong with the car, but like something was blocking it. I couldn’t imagine what it would be and figured I had to be losing my mind, but I got out of the car to look anyway. I heard a familiar laugh behind me as I did so, shrill and annoying, I turned around knowing it would be the same fairy from the library. She shook her head at me. “Stupid human.”

“Excuse me?”

“You can’t get out of here. Nobody can, he doesn’t approve of anybody leaving.”

“I have to get out of here, I have a family to get home to.”

“Rules are rules, stupid human.” She shrunk down to be about the size of a bug, and fluttered around my head snickering and singing “You can’t get out... You can’t get out...”

I tried swatting at her wondering if I could squish her like a bug, but a voice that I couldn’t see to place called out, “Cora, Stop it.” and she returned back her full-sized form before I could catch her. 

“You always spoil the fun.” She whined.

“Good.” He stepped out finally so I could see him. It was the same vampire from the park, though he looked slightly less intense and intimidating when he wasn’t glaring at me. I still felt kind of scared of him, and almost wished he leave me alone with Cora, she scared me less. “I’m sorry about her.”

He didn’t look at me but gave her the same intense gaze he had given me at the park, until she fluttered away, but not before adding. “He’ll be looking for her anyway. I don’t need to waste my time with her.”

His expression softened again as he turned back to me. “Don’t worry about her, she just likes to play games. I’m not sure she ever knows what she’s talking about even.”

“I hope this means that was wrong about the fact that I can’t get out of here?”

“Sorry, no.”

“Why not?”

“It’s a long story, but some jerk has placed a spell on the town to keep everybody from leaving.”

“Who is this guy?”

“He won’t let you out, if that's why you want to know, trying will only get yourself killed. He’s a vampire and a witch, there is nobody in the world with more power, and nobody who opposes him ever survives. Which is why he can get away with it.”

“What am I supposed to do then? I have to get out of here.”

He didn’t respond but stood perfectly still looking very serious, until I started to cry. I was never going to get the answer I wanted, and I was never going to find a way out, and I’d never see my family again. I remember him tugging me along as I cried, and I remember waking up tucked nicely in a bed that was not the bed at the hotel, in house that was abnormally quiet. I wandered around looking for him, I still hadn’t learned his name, or if I had I’d forgotten already, but I couldn’t find him anywhere. I was alone in the house of some vampire that still scared me slightly, in a town full of creatures that could kill me, and I couldn’t leave.