From Farm to Fame: Haylie- Chapter Seventeen

Pictures didn’t even do justice to how beautiful Hidden Springs was, it was breathtaking and pulling around the final turn before town where it all came into view made the whole trip worth it; just in that one moment. The drive had taken two days with very little time to stop and rest, I just wanted to get there and get settled in as fast as possible as the twins were very restless no matter what I did; I knew it would still be a while before they would get over that, but it would only get worse the longer the trip took, and the sooner we were there the sooner they would start to settle and adjust to our new lives. It hadn’t been an enjoyable drive either, it was only the last few hours when we’d finally started to see mountains that there had been anything exciting to see along the way, and it had only been about those same few hours that I’d had any peace and quiet when the twins finally slept.

Knowing the twins would wake up as soon as I took them out of the car, and that since they’d been sleeping for a few hours they would stay awake for a while, I just drove around town for a while, not looking for anything but just taking in the sights and enjoying the peace for a few extra minutes. People walked leisurely through the town and tended lush gardens in front of their home, just enjoying the towns natural beauty; they were so friendly too, nearly everybody I drove past stopped to smile and wave, obviously not in a hurry to get anywhere either. It was the opposite of Starlight Shores; it boasted a natural beauty and its residents didn’t try to boast a bigger better home with more shiny gadgets than their neighbours, everybody seemed so friendly and laid-back they weren't rushing from point A to point B yelling at everybody in their way; I was going to like it there a lot.

When I finally pulled up to the house, I just couldn’t believe it was mine; it was incredible. It stood out from the rest of the houses in town, though it blended so well at the same time, it’s what I had loved about it looking at the pictures online, and like the rest of the town it was even better than the pictures. It felt like home before I even parked the car, I didn’t need any time to adjust, I was just happy to be there; maybe it was just the fact that I knew it was where I was settling down for a very long time because that was what I wanted more than anything. For the most part the twins settled in right away as well, but they did cry sometimes at night for daddy or for one of their aunties or uncles, it was a relief over the next few months as those nights became less frequent, at least the cries for daddy still broke my heart every time, I dreaded the day I really had to explain to them that he just abandoned them and I didn’t know where he was, I knew how’d they’d feel and it wasn’t a good feeling at all.

It did take a while to adjust to a quiet house when the twins were sleeping; I’d never known what it felt like to have that quiet time, it was wonderful but a bit scary at the same time, it just seemed so unnatural at first that I often wondered if something was actually wrong. I tried to make the most of those quiet moments, doing the things I found relaxing to do. Mostly I found that I liked to write in that time, especially about my experiences in moonlight falls, it seemed to help to get it out of my mind and onto paper, like a dairy . I decided at some point I liked that idea; the dairy of girl trapped in another world full of dangerous creatures she never thought could be real.  Nobody would ever believe any of it could be true, but it would be a change from the same old stories of all those spooky creatures going bump in the night. It didn’t really matter if anybody believed it, there were still times I didn’t even believe it, I’d just be happy if it was actually published.

When I was struggling to meet the deadlines I’d set for myself, I would hire a babysitter for the day and take my laptop out to one of the viewing areas, Redwood Park, and work there. I couldn’t ask for better children really, the twins were so quiet and well behaved and great at not bugging mommy when she was writing, but it was still nice to not have to worry looking after them at all for a few hours. I found it easier to write up there; it was just so peaceful and beautiful, so serene, that it was really hard to feel any pressure up there it was easy to just relax and let the words flow. Nobody else ever went up there, though I really didn’t understand why, I liked it that way and it’s what was better about going there than anywhere else. At least there was never anybody else there, until he showed up.