From Farm to Fame: Haylie- Chapter One

I hated Starlight Shores before we even left Twinbrook. It was one of those towns that people stumbled through blindly chasing dreams of fame and fortune, and risking everything they had along the way. More often than not that dream was just shattered to pieces, usually quite publicly, shattering the lives of those who had gone chasing that dream. The pieces would remain strewn across the ground, nobody ever picked up the pieces and tried to put their lives back together, they just gave up and lived the rest of their lives in the misery and humiliation of failure. I hated how it felt like we were only doing the same thing, blindly seeking something better than what we had. The fire did take everything we had other than each other, and it did leave us with a desperate need to figure something out, I just thought we jumped too fast into a decision and never put much thought into it.

I hated Starlight Shores more after we moved, and more with each day that passed. I missed Twinbrook, it was home, it would always be home. I liked Twinbrook, it offered a sense of security that Starlight Shores didn't, and I knew just what my life in Twinbrook would be. I liked that sense of security, I was the type to test the water before I jumped in, I hated not knowing how things would go. Of course Twinbrook was also where all my friends were. I would have missed them anyway, but I couldn't make a single friend in Starlight Shores and I was incredibly lonely without them. I didn't care about the high school popularity contest, I just wanted to have somebody to eat lunch with and distract me from the disgusted glares of girls who thought they were so perfect. Somebody like Bryon, my boyfriend of 6 months and best friend of 10 years, he was the person I cared about the most and I could never be unhappy with him around. I only felt lonelier as our phone calls became shorter and farther apart before eventually ceasing to exist at all.

The lonelier and more miserable I felt, the more time I spent locked away by myself, shutting my own family out of my life. It wasn't the smartest thing or most logical thing I did in my life, but I was too lost in my misery to think properly. I just spent my time painting in the little study on the upper level of the house, it was a way to distract myself from real life. Painting occupied my mind, and the endless view of the ocean was calming and peaceful re-enforcing the fact that I was alone when I needed it to.

Naturally it wasn't long before Dad pulled me aside, it was slightly surprising how long it took but I guess he just wanted to give me a chance to adjust and work it out on my own. "Okay Haylie, you need to tell me what's going on. This isn't like you, I don't like seeing you like this."

Though deep down I appreciated his concern, I was still more annoyed than anything else. I wanted to be left alone in my misery but he had to bother me. "Now you care, really? Nobody cared when I said I didn't want to move out here, I hate it here. That's what's wrong. I want to go home."

"Well this is home now, like it or not, and it's not  that I don't care. We just didn't have many options, there aren't many places for a family of 6 to go... this is one of the place we could go. I know a move like this hard, you just have to give it a chance. You're a smart, responsible, and beautiful young'll be just fine as long as you try. Just don't give up so easily... I watched your mother fall apart, I don't want the same thing to happen to you. I want to help you before you start doing stupid things like she did, so if I can help in anyway just let me know."

"You can leave me alone."

"I know you're unhappy but you better stop with the attitude, I'm only trying to help... and I'm not going to give up."

"Whatever." I just rolled my eyes and walked away, I didn't want his help. I didn't want anybodies. I heard him sigh in defeat and unsure of what to do next, but I also knew I'd get in trouble for it later... I didn't really care.