From Farm to Fame: Haylie- Chapter Thirteen

I hoped I’d be able to avoid Ben the next morning, I knew he would figure out that I still wanted to fight anyway, and he would only try talking me out of it again; and he scared me. Avoiding him didn’t last long, not that I had actually expected it too, as he was already standing in the kitchen when I walked in, staring out the window. I’d barely walked in to the room, and certainly hadn’t even said as much as hi to him when he started to speak, he didn’t even turn around to face me. “Many many years ago, I met a witch. She was beautiful, the most beautiful woman I’d ever met. She was smart; she knew more than I’d learned in 1,000 years of life. She made me chase her, and work for her… She wanted me to prove I was worth it, that I’d fight for her. I wasn’t and I wouldn’t; I just wanted her for her power, I was determined to have that power on my side, together we would be unstoppable. She wanted marriage and a family...the things nice girls want, I didn’t, but I gave her what she wanted so she wouldn’t leave. When our son was born he was born as a hybrid; a witch like her, and a vampire like me.”

“and that’s this mysterious stranger…” I wasn’t sure what had prompted him to just share his story that way, but it scared me, and fascinated me at the same time. It wasn’t something I had expected.

He turned around finally, almost looking ashamed. “Yes. The rest of the supernatural world was terrified when they found out, his power would be unstoppable, unless they all fought together to kill him…and us. She being as brave as she was stood up for us and fought. I took my son, my pride and joy, and ran. I was proud of what he was, and I was going to train him to live the way I wanted, to use his powers to his advantage and make the rest of the world obey his every command….to prove himself as part of the supreme race, better than. I left her to fight on her own while we ran… I didn’t defend her, I let her die. It was only when she was gone that I missed her beauty, her intelligence, and for some reason I couldn’t understand, her kindness and how she did everything to make something in the world better…other than loving me of course, that was her weakness and her mistake, but she didn’t know... she believed I was good. I’d wanted her for her power, but I’d grown to love her, I just couldn’t realize it the way I was. I failed her, and I’ve never forgiven myself, I promised I’d change my ways and try to live life the way she did. You remind me of her. You have so much power and you’ll learn how to use it easily, because you’re smart like she was; your desire to fight for family, including that fiancĂ© that you only see the good in because you think with your heart before your brain. I don’t want the similarities to continue to your death. I’ll protect you like I should have protected her, but I can’t let you fight, it’s too risky even if you had help. I can’t watch you die, I can’t watch her die all over again.”

“You want to protect me, or you want to protect your son?”

“I won’t support him anymore; it was long before he became a monster set on making the world miserable that I changed my ways. I didn’t teach him to be that way, I tried to teach him better and he made his choice. I don’t support that choice. I’m not that way anymore.”

“I just can’t imagine protecting a complete stranger before my own children.”

“Your children haven’t killed anybody, it changes things. Not that I’m happy about any of it. I hate having a son that I don’t even want to know, I hate that his choices in life are the reason for that, and I really hate that those choices were ones I made at one point in my life.  I tried to teach him better, but it still feels like it’s my fault… that it runs our genes and instead of getting the good from his mother he got the bad from me.”

“I think on some level you want to protect him. I see it in your eyes, when you talk about him, I see the hurt. There’s something that still cares, and that hopes someday he’ll change too.”

“Perhaps, but I’d still rather protect the ones who deserve it. Especially you, and I really don’t want you to try fighting him. Please don’t.”

“I have too. It’s my obligation to my family. It’s so I don’t lose them, you lost her because you didn’t fight when you should have; I know this isn’t the same situation, but I need to fight so I don’t lose them. Please understand that.”

He nodded slowly, and I knew he understood. “Well, I guess we need a plan then don’t we?”


“You’re not fighting him alone. I thought we already went over the fact that you can’t win alone. You need somebody else. Somebody who is not a witch, so while you kill one part of him, the vampire, they kill the other.”

“I though witches were vulnerable to vampires…so wouldn’t it be less effective for me to kill the vampire part of him, wouldn’t it be stronger than my power?”

“No. It’s complicated. Witches are vulnerable to vampires in some ways, but vampires are vulnerable to witches in others. Every being is most vulnerable to a different kind of being, more than they are to their own kind. You just have to know how to manipulate that. For example, vampires are extremely vulnerable to fire, witches have the ability to create fire. That’s what you’ll need to do. What I need to do, I still haven’t figured out; I know how to kill him, but it’s figuring out the right steps in the right order at the right time.”

“You’re really willing to kill you own son? I mean, even with the choices he’s made, even if…”

He cut me off. “Yes, I am. I promise you I am on your side, whatever it takes. Now, just worry about eating your breakfast. We can talk more later, and I can start trying to figure out a plan in the meantime. Right now, try not to worry about any of it.” He started to walk away, but yelled back as he walked through the doorway. “Call your fiancĂ© too, he’s been calling you all night.”

Even with how upset I’d been that I wasn’t going to see my family for some unknown amount of time, I’d forgotten to call, and I was supposed to have gone home the night before. Though I didn’t know how I was going to explain it anyway, I felt bad for not calling.

I called after eating, Chase didn’t pick up until the last ring before the phone went to voicemail, which would have been a relief. It was a conversation I would have loved to avoid for as long as possible, I knew it wouldn’t go over well. “Good to know you’re alive. Where are you?”

“Moonlight Falls…”

I wasn’t sure he’d ever been angry with me before, but I could tell he was angry. “You were supposed to be home last night, why are you still there? And why didn’t you call? I’ve been worrying all night about you.”

“I can’t leave. I’m stuck here. I tried to leave, there’s some spell on the town so that nobody can leave.”

“I told you it was a bad idea to go at all.”

“I know, and if I’d know this was going to happen I wouldn’t have, but I didn’t. Please don’t be mad, I didn’t know this would happen.”

“I really don’t care. I just care about what I’m supposed to do now. I can’t just raise our children here alone, while your own stupidity has gotten you stuck in Moonlight Falls.”

“Please stop yelling. I already hate this. I already hate that I don’t know when I’ll get to see you or my children again. I hate that some vampire/witch hybrid probably wants me dead and has some stupid fairy following me. I hate that I’m stuck in some guys house…” I never got to finish before I heard a thudding noise and the phone cut out, it sounded like Chase had thrown his phone at the wall. I felt like an idiot when I thought about what I had just said. I’d be upset hearing something like that too, and it hadn’t helped that he was already upset. I just hoped I’d be able to email him or something later after he had a chance to calm down and explain. I really couldn’t stand the thought of him being mad at me, or of things being worse than they already were, but I didn’t know what I’d do if he wouldn’t let me finish explaining and if he wouldn’t forgive me.