From Farm to Fame- Haylie: Chapter Sixteen

It was weird to be home, almost like it wasn’t really home at all. Perhaps it just seemed so normal compared to the last several months of my life in Moonlight Falls, actually it seemed more normal than anything had since the fire in Twinbrook and it had been years since, definitely more normal than anything since I found out my mother was a vampire and since having my fiancĂ© brought back to life. Those aren’t normal things, or they didn’t feel like they should be, but it did seem normal somehow; like the scary stories we grew up with that I had been living out were normal, and we should be telling our children stories about normal human beings with no special powers, who die and stay dead instead of turning into strange creatures, who play in the sun in the middle of the dead instead of fighting with each other and torturing the weak at night… they would be the scary stories of another world that nobody would ever believe. Perhaps it was just how much had changed since I left. It was clear right from the moment I walked in the front door that almost everything had changed while I was gone. I knew it had, I talked to my siblings over the phone while I was gone, but it was suddenly so real.

Ian was finally finished his training and was working for the police department. He was still living in the house and had been taking care of the twins, but he lived there with his girlfriend. Who also happened to be his partner on the police force. Something about her bothered me, though I couldn’t figure out what; but he seemed happy, happy enough that he wanted to propose to her, so I was happy for him.

Nate had gone off to university to study medicine and follow in dad’s steps. He wanted to work at the children's hospital, and I knew it’d be the perfect place for him. He was such compassionate person, and just like dad it would bring him so much joy to be able to help heal people, it was perfect for him. He had a great sense of humour that could make anybody laugh, and he was great with kids, he’d always be able to make them feel comfortable. He too had found himself a girlfriend at the university, she sounded like a really sweet girl who was just perfect for him. I was especially happy for him, he was so shy especially around women, I’d wondered if he’d be alone forever.

Elizabeth was touring as the opening act for a band that I’d never heard of, and trying to make it in the music world. She had a beautiful voice and a true talent for any instrument she picked up, she would be amazing. I just hoped the rest of the world would see it too, since they don’t always see past the top 40 hits to know what else is really out there. I’d always be her fan, no matter who else was.

Nobody really knew what Merissa was up to, she’d moved in with some guy she met online, and seldom talked to anybody else. Just the occasional call to say hi without really giving away any info about where she was or what she was doing; she was still the one who kept to herself and almost got forgotten about as a result. I worried about her and hoped she’d be okay, wherever she was.

The twins had grown so much, I couldn’t even believe it. I’d missed so much, and I wanted to cry when I first saw them, it hurt to think about how much I missed. Their squeels of excitement shouting “Mommy” as I walked in warmed my heart, but hurt at the same time; I didn’t really understand why they were excited to see me, I’d wondered if they’d even really remember me… they were just so young, and I missed so much that it felt like I’d never really been there at all. It was the cries for daddy that hurt most though; I couldn’t explain it to them even if I could understand it myself. I wanted them to have their daddy, but I didn’t know if I could forgive him either if there ever was an opportunity for us to reconcile. I hated that he just abandoned us, especially them. I wondered what would have happened if my siblings hadn’t been there to watch over them. Would he still just have left them? I couldn’t trust that he wouldn’t. I still hadn’t heard from him or seen him at all, but I heard rumours back at home about how he’d already moved on. That hurt too, I knew though the words had never been said that we were over, it’s what he wanted and it had become what I wanted, but it hurt that he couldn’t even own up to it before moving on.

Starlight shores definitely wasn’t home anymore, it didn’t feel like home. Not that I’d ever liked Starlight Shores, I’d really only stayed for Chase, but almost everything that ever made it tolerable was gone or just too different. So one more time I was leaving. I just wanted to settle down somewhere with my children; somewhere we could be happy and successful. My siblings, for the most part, had accomplished so much with their lives, I hadn’t accomplished anything. I couldn’t just keep wasting my life away, I wanted to settle down and make something of my life; I had to so I could give my daughters a good life. I decided to move to Hidden Springs. It looked beautiful in pictures, and it seemed so calm and peaceful. It would be a nice place for a fresh start.