From Farm to Fame: Haylie- Chapter Twenty-Four

The girls were already home from LeFromage Art School for the summer, I’d missed them terribly and worried constantly, but the time had flown by as well. Though I did have Max to keep me company, and wedding planning to occupy me, I’d started on a sequel to my first novel too, so I was often busy and distracted by something. I had to rush to get the girls fitted for their dresses when they got home so we we could have their dresses in time, they’d grown way too much while they were away, as the wedding seemed so soon after they got home. They would be my flower girls, because they’d eagerly expressed their desire to do it, or more accurately eagerly assumed they would get to; it especially excited me that Ericka wanted to be involved, but I couldn’t argue it anyway, Max was part of their futures too so it seemed important for them to be involved. I just hadn’t planned on having anybody walk down the aisle in my party, other than Ian who would give me away, it was only our closest friends and family attending and everybody I would have chosen was nearly everybody my side of the guest list. I couldn’t believe how fast the wedding approached after the girls were home; it was just such an exciting time.

Finally I was walking down the aisle, my brother, the closest I had left to a father, at my side; it meant so much to me that he was so happy to give me away to Max and support our relationship, I highly respected his opinion even though I didn’t always agree with it, so it meant a lot when we did agree. I knew the girls were walking ahead of us sprinkling flowers petals all over the place, but all I could focus on was Max; my future, best friend, and soul mate; my everything, smiling and waiting for me at the steps to the gazebo, we would walk to the  arch in the centre together.

It all became so much more real with each step down the aisle, each step my heart fluttered a little more; finally I was getting married. After all the plans that had changed in my life, everything that had delayed the moment, and finally it was happening. It was better than I ever could have dreamed, too, and it was all because of who I was marrying; it was all because of Max. He was the one who would never run away in those tough moments, he was the one who would fight for me and I would fight for in whatever life through at us from the moment we met, to the moment death did part us. 

I'd started crying by the time Ian gave me away, overwhelmed by all the emotions of joy and excitement for that moment and for the future.

Trying to recite vows was nearly impossible as my voice quivered through the tears. “I thought I would never love again when I met you, but you showed me what love really is. I was in love before, but I didn’t love. Being in love is fearing every moment apart because the excitement starts to fade and the butterflies settle in the stomach. Love is accepting the moments apart while looking forward to the moments together, because while you look forward to the new and exciting experiences that come in those moments together you remain together through every moment life offers, you spend every moment together in heart. Being in love is the feelings of excitement with no meaning that fade away with time. Love is giving those feelings meaning and purpose and hanging onto them forever. You didn't show me how to love again, you showed me what love really is, you are my only love. I promise to always love you, the same as you love me and taught me, to be honest, caring, and faithful, to love you as you are, and remain forever by your side as your love and best friend.”

Looking at Max I could tell even he had a tear or two in the corner of his eye’s, he was the calm and collected one, who never cried and I was the one who often cried; It felt even more blessed that he loved me enough to shed tears for me and our future together. “I spent much of my life on a journey searching for someone like you. Someone who understands, accepts, and loves me as I am. Someone who doesn’t try to change me and supports me in all I do. I was beginning to think I’d never find what I was looking for, and I gave up, I lost the desire to search for something that I didn’t believe existed. Then I met you, and from the first time I saw you I found hope, just a glance in your direction and every part of me became yours, my body, mind, heart, and even soul. I would be whatever you wanted me to be, but all you wanted is what I am. I no longer journey alone searching for love, because I found all I ever wanted and more, I found you. I promise to show you the same compassion and love that you show me, to show you the love I never knew existed until you taught me what it really was, from now and forever. I promise to follow you through life’s journey, hand in hand, and heart in heart.”

Finally, with a kiss, it was official, I was a wife; I was Mrs. Watson. I loved how it sounded, Mrs. Watson, Haylie Watson; it was perfect.

The reception was at the same venue, and thankfully the weather held out all day. It was somewhat amazing it had, a bunch of black clouds had rolled over town while we were getting photos done, but they kept on going and were gone in time for the reception and stayed away, not storming over our first dance, or over the meal, or all the partying that carried on after; nobody got so drunk that they were rude and offensive, or tripping over themselves. I’d had a feeling that something would go wrong, because it just seemed too good to be true, but it never did; not that anything could  ruin the day, Max and I were married, and that was the only thing in the day that needed to go right, but the whole day had been perfect.