From Farm to Fame: Haylie- Chapter Twenty-seven

Lexie remained mommy’s girl as she grew up. I’d hoped when she started school she would make some friends and not spend so much time following me around. Not that I didn’t love her and having her around, she was a brilliant and sweet little girl and I really enjoyed her company and she’d learned to accept that I just wanted my own space sometimes and would go do her own thing without sulking. It was because I loved her so much, that I wanted to see her make new friends and do new things; I wanted to see her reach her full potential in life and I felt like her shyness was holding her back. She was comfortable around me, and she was too scared to talk to anybody else. It wasn’t until I got an unfortunate phone call from the school that I understood why she wanted to spend so much time around me and why she wouldn’t talk to anybody else. She’d been beat up on the playground at school, by her own sister. She was seeking security, because she knew I’d protect her. I just didn’t know how to make it better for her, but I worried she’d end up like Ericka at some point, rebelling because she didn’t fit in and wanted attention.

Max and I sent Zoe away to military school after that. It hadn’t been the first time we’d been called down to the school for her behaviour, in fact it happened often, but it had never been for beating anybody up; I’d thought we were past those days in her toddler years where she would attack her siblings. I’d never been so angry with one of my children before, and I’d never yelled so much at one of them. I talked to Lexie after the incident and learned that Zoe was always bullying somebody, and it was often her siblings, and it wasn’t the first time she’d resorted to violence either, she’d just never been caught before. I just didn’t know what we would do if military school didn’t teach her to behave, it scared me to think about what could happen if she kept down the path she was on. I worried for her siblings and her other victims, but for her as well because I just wanted so many good things for all my children and I wanted them to grow into mature and responsible individuals.

Shane was still the centre of attention even at school. There was just something about him that made people love him. He was really a sweet boy, and was really outgoing and friendly, for that it wasn’t a surprise. I’d just worried about him being teased for his eye colour, kids could be so cruel, and would pick on anybody who was just a little bit different. Zoe already teased him over it constantly and I’d worried other kids would too, but they didn’t. I was happy he had so many friends, but he was hardly home. He was always at a friend’s house, and when he wasn’t he had friends over at our house, and they’d camp out in the backyard, so even when he was home I hardly ever got to talk to him.

Camden was more like his daddy every day, and I knew Max loved it though he’d never admit it in case somebody else felt left out. Camden was the one who was interested in sports and becoming a superstar athlete someday just like his daddy. We let him go to Dribbledine Sports Academy for schooling, because it was where Max went so it was where he wanted to go, and it was good training for him in his pursuit to be an athlete, though he was still young enough to change his mind later on, it was what he wanted then and he was a good kid so I was happy to send him. Max loved training him when he was home too, and having somebody who understood sports. The rest of us didn’t, I faked an interest to be supportive of Max, but I knew he could tell that’s all I was doing and trying to converse with me about something I didn’t understand was useless, so I was happy Camden shared that interest, it was good for both of them.

Ericka had started communicating with Chase, which I completely hated the idea of. He’d shown up at my front door a few more times over the years since the time where Ericka ran away, and he’d called a few times as well. I just ignored him every time, and he’d seemed to get the hint eventually. Yet he’d recently decided to try getting in touch with the twins. Maya completely refused to talk to him, but Ericka wanted to get to know him. I wanted to refuse to let her, but I knew she’d go behind my back and do so anyway, and I wanted to be able to monitor their conversations, because I really didn’t trust him. They mostly talked on facebook, and I read through every conversation they had. I knew she hated that I did that, and I knew that Chase knew I did, so he was probably on his best behaviour, but I didn’t like to worry about what they talked about or what he was up to. It was the conversation about how much she hated living with Max and wanted to go live with him because he was so much cooler that stung, she was the one who suggested it, but he agreed to let her as long as I approved of it. I really didn’t, but I just knew if I didn’t he run away somewhere anyway, and at least if I let her, I’d know where she was; I definitely didn’t let her go without threatening to put Chase back in his grave if he didn’t take extremely good care of her. If I ever found out he was using her, hurt her in anyway, or got her into drugs and alcohol, he would most definitely regret it. I wanted to believe that he was actually trying to be a good parent as it seemed, but I had a hard time doing so. She didn’t talk to me again after she left, despite my efforts to call her, and I hardly even got a goodbye. 

Maya stayed in art school until university, where she went to study with a full scholarship and distinguished award in the fine arts granting her several extra credits. I was impressed with her dedication to art, and I was so proud sending her off to university. She was surprisingly mature and responsible for being only 18, and she had yet to enter anything resembling a rebellious phase. I did of course worry about sending her to university, and that she would find trouble there. It would be a very different world from art school, art school didn’t have the party atmosphere that university had, or I didn’t imagine it did anyway. I didn’t worry too much about her though, because she was so responsible. It was a bit surprising how much I missed her when she left for university though, I was used to her being away and I missed her every time, but I hadn’t missed her that much since her first time going away. I guess it was because it was the new first, the first time she would go away, and might not come back. Eventually she wouldn’t come home for the summers, and would move into her own house; she would get married and have children of her own, and of course I wanted that for her, but it was still very hard to accept her growing up that much and venturing into the world all on her own.

This brings us to the end of the generation. It's really hard to believe it's that time, it's been more than a year, and saying good-bye to Haylie's generation is a bit hard, but I've completely enjoyed the last year and look forward to the next generation. Thank-you so much for everybody who's followed and given me reason to continue for last year, you guys are awesome! ♥ The heir vote will be up following this (likely you will have seen it already if you've seen this) so please vote, even if you usually lurk but don't comment (I'm sure there are some lurkers out there).