From Farm to Fame: Haylie- Chapter Nineteen

I’d had a great time talking with Max the night before; the twins had gotten tired at the festival and I had to take them home, but we’d picked up our conversation on the phone after I got them settled down for the evening and we talked until 2 in the morning, the same way we had at the festival, just about anything and everything. I’d learned a lot about him and we had a lot in common, he had a good sense of humour and just seemed like a really sweet guy; still I felt nervous all day about our date that night, excited but nervous. It had been a while since I'd actually been out on a date, not since Chase and I had been in the dating stage, and I really wanted it to go well because I really liked him.

When I heard him ring the doorbell it just intensified both emotions, but mostly the excitement, it was a good sign that he showed up and hadn’t changed his mind. The flowers that greeted me took away most of the nervousness. They were such a simple thing, but I’d never gotten flowers from a guy before, not even from Chase after several years together, and it was really sweet. “Aww… they’re beautiful, thanks. I’ll just go put them in water and we can go.”

It took a while to find something suitable to put them in, though it probably would have taken less time if we hadn’t gotten caught up in conversation again. He didn’t seem to mind, and I certainly didn’t mind, but I didn’t know what he had planned if anything, we hadn’t discussed any plans other than when he’d  pick me up, and I worried we might be late for something. It was early in the afternoon still though, we agreed it be nice to meet in the afternoon so we could have plenty of time without worrying about when we get home, so I was sure we could find something either way. I didn’t bother to ask until we were leaving when it was too late to speed things up at all, so it was more just out of curiosity. “So where are we going anyway?”

“I thought we could just take a walk around town and decide when we see something we want to do, unless you have something you want to do? I’m not good at planning things anyway, but it’s a lot harder in a town I don’t know very well. Besides, last time I was just walking around looking for something to do, I found you, maybe we’ll find something just as amazing together.” 

“Well, when you say it that way, I don’t think I can say no.” I did enjoy the flattery, but I wasn’t actually convinced that I wanted to walk through the snow for however long it took to find something, but I had to admit I still didn’t know the town very well myself, and I had no better ideas.

“Good, let’s go then.” He grabbed my hand and we walked to the end of the walkway, where he stopped. “Left or right?”

“You weren’t kidding when said you’re bad at planning things” I teased “I guess I’ll pick right.”

“You thought about that too long, you’re no better” He teased back as we turned to the right and continued walking. 

We took turns deciding what way to go at every intersection or corner we came across. It was actually really fun, just walking around and talking while taking in all the sights Hidden Springs had to offer, I’d seen much of it already but it was just as beautiful every time and it was even better with such great company to share it with. When we came across a café we stopped in just long enough to grab a coffee each and some baked goods to snack on, and decided to find a place where we could make a bit of picnic and just relax for a little while. We found a nice park with a pond and beautifully landscaped garden and decided that’s where we’d stop, we’d have our little picnic and just stay there until we felt like turning back, since it was near the edge of town and it had been a few hours already.

At some point the sun started to set and it started to cool off, and we snuggled up close to watch it. There hadn’t been much silence until that point, but it still felt so nice just to be close to him; it felt perfect. I felt like I’d forgotten so much about what it was like to have somebody and he was just reminding me of how wonderful it was, but it was still like a whole new experience because I’d felt like I’d never had such a perfect moment with Chase. Not that I hadn’t had some wonderful times with him, and I hadn’t thought at some point that just being snuggled up close to him was perfect. It just seemed so different with Max, like I’d been wrong about what perfect was in every moment before that.