From Farm to Fame: Haylie- Chapter Twenty

Reflecting on the year as it crept to a close I couldn’t even begin to imagine what could have made it any more perfect, or what about it I could hope would improve in the following year, it had just been the most amazing year of my life. It had been crazy and busy and it seemed like I never even had a chance to blink before it was over, but it had just been perfect. I just wanted the following year to stay on the same path and there wouldn’t be anything more I could ask for.

The girls had celebrated their birthdays into childhood in the spring, it seemed way too soon though I knew it wasn’t, it was just hard to believe they were growing up so fast. They went to school in the fall and it took a bit to get used to them not being home during the day, it was nice to be able to have that time at home where I was totally alone, but it was weird at first and I missed them. That time alone at home helped me finish my novel too, which was set to release in the New Year. I was so proud of my girls too; they had good grades, took ballet after school, and they both wanted to go to art school for the following school year. I didn’t really like the idea of them going to school so far away from me, I would miss them like crazy and I’d never be able to stop worrying, but I promised I would send them as long as they kept their grades up and stayed on their best behaviour. I just tried not to think about it too much yet, I’d worry about it when it was actually time.

Things were great between Max and I, our relationship still felt as amazing and exciting as it did on the first date, if not more. He moved in just before winter, it just made sense since we spent so much time together anyway and it still wasn’t enough; I loved waking up to him smiling at me every day, it was hard to imagine any day could be bad if it started so nicely. He was great with the girls, and they loved him; he helped them with their homework, played games with them, read them to sleep and chased the monsters out from under the bed, he did all the things that a father would do and I loved it. I still knew the questions about their real father wouldn’t be far away and I still dreaded it, but I was happy that they had Max too. Max and I had also celebrated our one year anniversary together. We hadn’t done much to celebrate it, we had a nice dinner out, but since it was so close to the holidays we were a bit too busy to do much.

My siblings had also come to visit for the holidays, and I wanted to spend as much time as possible with them while I could. Nate brought his girlfriend, and she seemed just as sweet in person as she did in his descriptions over the phone of her. Ian brought his fiancĂ©e Alisha, I still didn’t like her and I knew their relationship hadn’t been going very well for a while, they’d postponed the wedding a couple times after a couple major arguments. Though they announced during their visit that Alisha was pregnant, with triplets, and it seemed to bring some joy back to their relationship as well as an incentive to work on mending the relationship. I hoped they could work it out, because I didn't want to see Ian be hurt, but it seemed too one sided to me. Elizabeth took time out of her busy touring schedule to come, though she only stayed for a couple days while everybody else stayed for a couple weeks while they had holiday time, she was having massive success with her singing career though and I could tell she enjoyed every minute of it so I was just happy for her getting that experience though I wished she could have stayed longer. Even Merissa came, and spent time talking with the family instead of just sitting on the sofa playing video games; she was working on changing her life around to involve something more than gaming, nobody was sure what had inspired the change and wondered how long it would last but we were proud of the effort and hoped she kept it up.

Max wanted New Year’s Eve to just be the two of us however, though I wanted to spend it with my family since I only had a couple days before they went, and I didn’t understand why it was so important to him since it was typically an occasion where people liked to be at large parties celebrating with all their friends and just having a good time; but it seemed important to him so I went along with it. We took snacks down to the park we went to on our first date; it was probably just as snowy and cold too. I really didn’t understand why he insisted upon spending so much time out in such weather but I did have to admit it was beautiful and peaceful and somehow made everything more romantic. We skated on the pond, and despite the promises that he wouldn’t let me fall I fell and took Max down with me several times before he decided skating wasn’t such a good idea. So he pulled out an MP3 player and some small portable speakers and we danced in the snow to the music, not stopping until the booms from the fireworks leading into midnight drowned out the music and we went to sit on the bridge where the view was better to watch them. 

I was too focused on the light show in sky to even notice what Max was up to, until I turned to wish him a happy new year.. “Last year was the most amazing year of my life, and it’s because of you. I want to know that this year will be just as amazing, and that every year after will be too. I don’t want to lose you ever, I want you forever. Haylie, will you marry me?”

It’s not like it was that big of a surprise honestly; we’d talked about it a bit, and I had a suspicion that it was what he was up to that made it so important that we spent the night together alone, but it still took me by surprise and had me jumping up and down while screaming and crying with joy “Yes!”

It always surprised me how he could always find a way to be more amazing, or make things even better than they were. Yet he always managed it. Already the year was off to a great start and seemed like it might actually be better than the previous year. I didn’t worry about what would go wrong next, or that we’d never actually make it to the wedding, I just knew somehow that we’d be able to work anything out together and I didn't feel scared at all or worry that we'd head down the same path that Chase and I went down.