From Farm to Fame: Lexie- Chapter 6

Summer was lonely. Jayson was away all summer visiting family in various places, he went away every summer. Levi and Catrina and had gone back to Isla Paradiso for the summer to visit friends and family. I messaged back and forth with them on the computer as much as I could, but it wasn't the same as having them around to hang out with and talk to face to face. Normally I spent the summer hanging out with my family too, but all I had left was Zoe and we still didn't get along well enough to hang out or have nice conversations with each other.

Zoe ignored me as much as possible, and I gladly returned the favour by ignoring her as much as possible. I tried a couple more times to get her to open up to me about how she was feeling, but it always ended with her getting angry and storming off on me, so eventually I gave up. I did enjoy the fact that she didn't talk to me anymore, the silence was far better than the insults and threats I'd become used to. Mostly Zoe just sat on the sofa watching TV and only talked to me long enough to tell me off for trying to change the channel; I'd learned to just tolerate whatever she was watching when I wanted to watch TV, it didn't matter much since I seldom watched TV anyway. I did get annoyed by the messes of snack wrappers and dirty dishes she left around for me to clean up while she just sat there, but it wasn't something that seemed worth arguing either so I didn't bother to say anything.

Summer was boring. I'd signed up for summer school in an attempt to improve my grades since I'd barely passed all my classes. I was heading into my final year of high school, and I needed better grades to be able to take the courses that I would need for university; I wanted to study medicine and even though I'd only decided on that a couple months earlier I'd already become very serious about it. I spent most of my time in class studying, and I spent a lot of time at home studying. It was boring having to do it all over but it still helped distract me from how lonely I was and I knew I'd be bored at home too; at least it was more productive than sitting around home wallowing in misery.

Summer was just miserable. I looked forward to going back to school and regular classes. I looked forward to learning new content instead of spending two months reviewing content from the year before. Mostly I looked forward to seeing my friends again. I'd always hated going back to school, but for a change I was looking forward to it.

I couldn't have been more excited than when the first day back at school finally arrived; it had seemed like it never would. Levi was already waiting for me when I arrived at the school, we'd all promised to meet outside by the doors, but I hadn't expected anybody else to be there yet. I couldn't help myself from running over to give him a hug. I missed him the most. We'd grown a lot closer during the last couple months of the previous school year and though I still hadn't felt like dating him by the end of the year I had realized over the summer that I missed him too much to only be friends; it felt like I was missing more than a friend, and I just hoped he hadn't lost interest over the summer. "I'm glad, you're back, I missed you so much!"

He just hugged me tighter and I hoped that he would never let go. "I missed you too, though if this is how I'm welcomed back I should go away more often."

"No. Not allowed." I just rested my head on his shoulder, I was very comfortable and happy wrapped up his arms.

Catrina came running up towards us a minute or two later shouting and ruining the moment. "Lexie! I missed you."

We exchanged a friendly hug after Levi let me go. Catrina and I had become really close too. She was the only female friend I had, so I could talk to her about more than I could talk to Levi and Jayson about; though it was still awkward to talk to her about my crush on her brother, but other than that I could talk to her about anything. "I missed you too."

Jayson joined us a couple minutes later, though he'd already been back for a couple days and we'd already hung out once since he'd been back so we didn't need to hug and gush over how much we missed each other. We just all decided to go inside where it and hang out in the lobby until classes started.

Catrina noticed the afterschool activity signup sheets once we were inside, they were always posted on the bulletin board by the door for the first week or so of school but I'd never really bothered to look at them before. Catrina insisted we did however; I still wasn't interested, but I couldn't argue if she wanted to. "Hey, look. They have music club. We should sign up Lexie." She exclaimed enthusiastically after studying the board for a couple minutes.

"Oh I don't know." I did have to admit that music club sounded like fun, but I still wasn't sure about joining; I just didn't think I'd fit in.

Catrina had already scribbled on the sign-up sheet. "Too late, I just signed us both up."

"No. Cross me out."

"Oh come on, it'll be fun. Please, just try it. If you don't like it you can quit."

I was reluctant to do so, but I agreed. "Okay, fine."

I did have to admit that once I actually went to music club, I had a good time. Levi ended up signing up too, so at least I had a couple people I knew to go with. We joked about starting a band with the 3 of us. The thought of that definitely made uncomfortable, I could never play in front of other people but Levi and Catrina kept trying to convince me anyway.

Levi and I started dating, I always enjoyed being around him and felt like the luckiest girl in the world. Everything just seemed to be going right for a change and I was happier than I'd been in a long time, possibly ever.