From Farm to Fame: Lexie- Chapter 10

It was late in the afternoon before we arrived in Isla Paradiso; the flight had seemed to take forever, I was just so excited to get there. The taxi that dropped us off from the airport could only drop us at one end of the beach but the houseboat was at the other. It seemed like a long walk down the beach and until we finally stopped in front of a little wooden houseboat; well, it was still larger than I'd really expected but it was smaller and less extravagant than the others we'd passed along the way. 

I was still impressed by it, but Levi apologized "Sorry it's kind of a let down after those big fancy houseboats."

"I think it's nice."

"Well it's even nicer in motion. So what do you say we head out to that island straight ahead. There's a dock around the side so we can settle there for the evening."

"Okay. Sounds like fun."

I'd just stood beside Levi watch the view as he steered. It was just so beautiful; Isla Paradiso was appropriately named, it was paradise and it was perfect. I could already tell that it was going to be the best summer ever; just being in Isla Paradiso was an amazing experience but being there with Levi made it so much better.

It was still a couple hours before we docked on the island; we'd gotten all our stuff settled in our rooms before heading out and the houseboat didn't move very fast once it was in motion so it still took some time to get there. I didn't mind I enjoyed just watching the view in front of us; it was incredible. I could see how Isla Paradiso earned it's name, as it truly seemed like paradise. I could only imagine that it would be an amazing summer there, lots to see and do, and I'd get to experience it all with Levi; I couldn't imagine the summer being anything but perfect.

After eating supper, which was just pizza we'd had delivered as we hadn't stopped for groceries, we went to walk along the beach. It was just so nice and peaceful, nobody else around us; it was a nice way to just wind down and relax for the night. We stopped to lay down on the beach to watch the sunset but stayed there chatting until long after it had set and stars filled the sky.

I hated saying goodnight a lot less when finally did get back to the houseboat to turn in for the night. I liked knowing that I'd see him first thing in the morning, I wouldn't have to wait for school to start or wait until we could both meet up somewhere; we'd see each other as soon as we woke up. I liked that every day would be like that for the next two months.

We both slept until about noon the next day. So we didn't much, we had talked about heading out to a dive spot but to get to the easiest one, which was best for my lack of experience, would take all day unless we took a speedboat which just seemed pointless when we were on a houseboat. We did go out windsurfing for a bit though, just for something fun to do. Levi had enjoyed showing off by doing tricks and racing ahead of me as I struggled to even keep the board upright. It wasn't long before I got the hang of it though and caught up to him, even managing to pull off a couple flips myself.

The evening was much like the last, just hanging out and relaxing on the beach. I really didn't mind if we never left the island; Levi seemed more bothered because he was just so excited to show me all Isla Paradiso had to offer but I was perfectly happy with whatever happened.

We never made it to the dive spot the next either, we had to hit the main island to get groceries so we didn't have to keep ordering pizza. So we just spent the day at the summer festival; it wasn't much different from the Hidden Springs summer festival, but it was still fun.

It was definitely already the best summer of my life and I just knew it would keep getting better.

Sorry it's taken me so long to get this out. I hate taking like 6 weeks to get out such simple chapters (or any). Though this was pending editing for like 3 weeks, I've just been busy and/or not feeling well because it's so hot here and/or I've been too exhausted to get anything done. The next chapter is half done though so hopefully the wait won't be so long next time... or ever again. I'm trying to pick up the pace, the summer may be difficult though so no promises. As always thank-you all for your support and patience. ♥