Resurrecting this thing to share my new site

I see people still view this dead thing, I dunno why lol (I also know some of it's probably just bots), but anyway. For people who still view it or who might be interested I wanted to share that I have a new site going. Which can be found over here

I have 2 legacys on the go on it. One (The Levine Legacy) is actually the ressurection of my lovely From Farm to Fame family starting with who would have been their 4th gen heir if I hadn't cancelled it. The other (The Ellison Legacy) is just another family I've been posting about on forums and decided to move to a blog with the start of it's 5th gen. They're more easy going than From Farm to Fame was, for now anyway but sometimes these things take over and do their own thing lol. Both only have one chapter each so far, so not a lot to catch up on at this point

I'm also trying to get another story (Witch Hunters) going on it that I'm so excited for (and kind of nervous, it's not what I'm used to), but I need to go remake my characters and track down all the CC I had for it (I had to wipe my computer and wasn't smart enough to back this stuff up) so that one might take a bit of time still.

I was just doing some work deleting blogs I no longer use. I was going to delete this one too but I still want access to my old From Farm to Fame stuff so I've just been deleting everything else and I'll probably just eventually make it private. But I thought before I did for people who have been viewing this or are just interested I'd mention where I'm at now.

Also, I am having minor technical difficulties right now with the new site, so if anything is odd about it or anything please just ignore it (I know y'all probably don't even care but I do), it's probably just me messing with it trying to fix things. I only can enable subscriptions for one legacy right now so if you want to follow both I'm sorry I can't make it easier, I'm trying to resolve it though. Oh and the subscription service tries to make you join their site, but you can just close out of their window if you don't want that, it should still work as far as I can tell. I just can't find much that's free and works... then again I'm not so sure about the works part at the moment lol.

And I'm rambling, I'll stop now.

I hope some of you will stop by the new site. And, of course, Happy Simming to all. :D